Corporate Citizenship Report 2010

Impacting Key Issues

Empowering through education

 Windmills in Livermore, California, USA.

Photo: Save the Children India

Students at Save the Children use a computer center that is supported by Boeing.

Save the Children India

Photo: Save the Children India

A student performs during the Eid Celebration at STCI's Sarai Kale Khan Village, New Delhi.

Since 2008, Boeing has provided community support through charitable donations as well as in-kind volunteer services to Save the Children India (STCI), a nonprofit that began in 1981. STCI works to help empower children, adolescent girls and women through its various education, health and vocational training programs.

In 2004, STCI launched an ambitious project in Delhi and began operations aimed at reaching more than 100,000 people in the oldest village in Delhi — Sarai Kale Khan Village.

Boeing India, through its Global Corporate Citizenship funding, helped establish in partnership with STCI a multiyear, scalable program, aligned with a focus on health and human services and education. The funds helped expand the Balwadi preschool program, a vocational training program and established an anti-trafficking program.

“The much needed services that STCI provides like many other similar programs that Boeing supports around the globe, are helping the world’s most vulnerable residents — women and children — to a new beginning and a chance to make a difference in their communities,” said Anne Roosevelt, vice president, Global Corporate Citizenship.

Two reasons that Boeing India supports the nonprofit are its grassroots presence and its commitment to educate people and reintegrate them into society, Roosevelt said.

STCI’s anti-trafficking program uses grassroots penetration in local communities for early intervention — that is, before children are sold — and also to rescue trafficked children. Boeing funding has provided STCI with the ability to train community resources in various disciplines, including post-rescue therapy and re-integration into the community. STCI can now reach out to over 400 children, adolescent girls and women directly and an additional 200 people every month indirectly.

Boeing India assists STCI in nonmonetary ways as well, participating in various festival celebrations, holiday events, and visits with friends and family. STCI has also been invited to the Boeing Delhi office to display and sell holiday wares and gifts made by participants in the vocational program.

Boeing support also means that STCI can take children and girls on educational trips both within and outside the city, providing experiential learning while increasing the confidence and independence of the students, most of whom would otherwise not be allowed to step out of their houses.

STCI has also been able to expand the types of activities offered. They have organized more sports activities, competitions, visits to organizations, professional institutes, training programs for staff and students, and health programs that teach practical implementation of the education provided at the center.

Photo: Save the Children India

Women and young teens with Save the Children India sell products from a stall in Gurgaon, New Delhi.

The results of STCI’s efforts and dedication are clearly evident: