Corporate Citizenship Report 2010

Message From Leadership


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Corporate Citizenship at Boeing

A message from executives who guide Boeing's corporate citizenship initiatives: (left to right) Jim McNerney, Chairman, President and CEO; Rick Stephens, Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Administration; Anne Roosevelt, Vice President, Global Corporate Citizenship.

From the beginning, our company, our values and our culture — which guide our business strategy — have been grounded in a commitment to make the world a better place.

As a result, our approach to global corporate citizenship is comprehensive:

By sharing our unique knowledge, skills and relationships, we help others to help themselves be self sufficient and maintain sustainable economic growth. For example, we share our expertise while honing our leadership proficiency by taking Lean+ or other skill-based principles into the nonprofit organizations that we support. We also partner with others (including customers, competitors and suppliers) to provide commodities, training and necessary services in communities; this is especially critical during these times of constrained resources. And we work with communities and educational systems — at all levels — around the world to help educators, parents and caregivers better prepare students with the skills they will need as part of the interactive, networked and tech-savvy workforce of the future. Our investments and resources are focused on making an impact on those key issues that directly affect a community and its people.

"We believe that companies like ours must play a significant role as citizens beyond our role as corporations. We must lead responsibly to help our communities, our nations, and the world address challenges that are bigger than any one company's interests. That includes bringing problem-solvers together; focusing them on action that helps communities grow; and helping communities develop the resources that sustain and attract people who choose to live, work, learn and play in them."
Jim McNerney, Chairman, President and CEO, The Boeing Company

Boeing and its employees are serious about contributing time, talent and resources to help strengthen communities around the world so that they are healthy and supportive places to live and work. By unleashing the power of our company and employees' assets — including our tremendous intellectual capital, ethics and diversity programs, in-kind donations, relationships with universities, the Employees Community Fund, and both traditional interest-based and skills-based volunteering — we go beyond simply dispensing corporate cash grants and organizing site-specific volunteer activities. These tools work together powerfully to help our communities build greater self-sufficiency and, as a result, enjoy sustainable economies and long-lasting growth.

To improve lives and communities, we continue to build many partnerships with nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations around the world. Some of those partnerships are highlighted in this report. Our company and our employees' roles as corporate citizens magnify the values we live by and the integrity we invest in our actions. Corporate citizenship has always been a traditional part of our culture at Boeing. That's who we are — and who we always want to be.