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Submission of Matters to a Vote of Security Holders

(a)Our Annual Meeting of Shareholders was held on May 2, 2005.

(b)In an uncontested election, four nominees of the Board of Directors were elected for three-year terms expiring on the date of the annual meeting in 2008. The votes were as follows:

  For Withheld
Kenneth M. Duberstein
Lewis E. Platt
Mike S. Zafirovski
W. James McNerney, Jr.

The terms of the following directors continued after the annual meeting:

John H. Biggs
John E. Bryson
Linda Z. Cook
John F. McDonnell
Richard D. Nanula
Rozanne L. Ridgway
John M. Shalikashvili

(c)The results of voting on Proposals 2 through 9 (as numbered in the 2005 Proxy Statement) were as follows:

2. Advisory vote on the appointment of Deloitte & Touche LLP as the Company's independent auditors for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2005:

  Number of Votes
For 684,246,341
Against 15,319,560
Abstain 11,915,229
Broker non-votes -0-

3. Shareholder proposal on human rights:

  Number of Votes
For 113,400,605
Against 420,973,999
Abstain 75,454,665
Broker non-votes 101,651,860

4. Shareholder proposal on military contracts:

  Number of Votes
For 41,688,237
Against 500,322,574
Abstain 67,818,459
Broker non-votes 101,651,860

5. Shareholder proposal on disclosure of political contributions:

  Number of Votes
For 58,192,974
Against 485,810,312
Abstain 65,825,983
Broker non-votes 101,651,860

6. Shareholder proposal on declassification of the board of directors:

  Number of Votes
For 404,192,558
Against 190,352,469
Abstain 15,284,243
Broker non-votes 101,651,860

7. Shareholder proposal on simple majority vote:

  Number of Votes
For 399,055,893
Against 196,010,560
Abstain 14,762,817
Broker non-votes 101,651,860

8. Shareholder proposal on majority vote shareholder committee:

  Number of Votes
For 182,455,661
Against 412,066,732
Abstain 15,306,876
Broker non-votes 101,651,860

9. Shareholder proposal on independent board chairman:

  Number of Votes
For 158,080,266
Against 437,183,834
Abstain 14,565,170
Broker non-votes 101,651,860

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