Learning from Tomorrow's Trainees

September 05, 2013 in Community

Sometimes it’s hard to tell who learns the most when Boeing professionals team up with the talented students at Aviation High School.

Recently, members of Boeing’s Flight Services Training Development Team visited a class at the school, located near Seattle, Washington. The visit was designed to see how well students were able to work with some new prototype, interactive eBooks that Flight Services has designed in order to transition pilot training materials from reams of paper and booklets, to Windows XP tablets and iPads.

The visit offers students a rare opportunity to get a sneak peek at the latest in pilot training. Sophomore Jaclyn Wing says she was thrilled to get real world experience with the technology of tomorrow. “It's a lot of fun,” she says enthusiastically. “Getting to know what it's like to be out there is something I don't think my friends at other high schools get to know.”

But the Boeing team benefits as well. “We really view the students as representatives of the pilots we will see coming in for customer training in a few years,” said Tom King, Chief Learning Technologist with Boeing Flight Services.

Development of electronic training materials is still in its early stages, but the feedback from these students is significant. Not only are their opinions valuable, but Boeing’s King is quick to point out, it reminds him of just how exciting his own field of aviation can be. “It’s fantastic to see the shimmer in their eyes and the excitement to be involved in anything Boeing and aviation.”