Frequent Travelers Choose Boeing Year After Year

September 23, 2013 in Commercial

Those who travel the most know what it takes to travel the best. And in this case, that’s Boeing airplanes.

For the sixth consecutive year, the Boeing 777 and 747-400 were each awarded “best airplane for travel” by two distinct and discerning audiences:

  • Readers of American Express Executive Travel magazine voted the Boeing 777 the best airplane for air travel. The selection board is composed of business executives who average more than 38 airplane trips a year.
  • The 747-400 won the award for Best Aircraft type in Global Traveler magazine, written exclusively for frequent business and luxury travelers. Undoubtedly, Boeing’s offering of unique and comfortable interior space were among the chief considerations for these industry awards.


The 777, with the widest cabin and highest ceilings of any twin-engine airplane, is designed to make every passenger aim to become a frequent flyer. Airlines can easily customize the interior to highlight their own brand with details such as fine finishes, hardwood floors and luxurious seating in first and business class.

The 747-400 offers premium passengers two unique spaces to enjoy comfort and quiet: the private forward nose section and the renowned 747 upper deck. Passengers remain undisturbed in both, lending to an experience that most like a private jet, with no walk-through traffic. Both are cozy and exclusive -- ensuring passengers feel like they are worlds away from the rest of the airplane.

Boeing’s history with passenger innovation continues with the newest 747, the 747-8 Intercontinental, with even more evolved interior designs such as larger overhead bins, advanced lighting system and an open architecture including a larger grand sweeping staircase to the upper deck.

If the 747-400 wins awards year-over-year, then the new 747-8 and its enhanced passenger experience guarantee it will also be the preferred airplane for decades to come.

Both the 747 and the 777 airplanes offer comfort and convenience throughout the cabin to ensure flying is productive for business travelers and restful for leisure travelers.

Clearly, business flies Boeing.