Boeing & NMSI: Giving Education a Boost

December 02, 2013 in Community

At Fairborn High School in Ohio, the proof is in the numbers and the numbers are through the roof. One year after Fairborn began participating in the National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI), Advanced Placement (AP) tests scores in math, science and English are up 88 percent, 80 percent higher than scores in the rest of the United States.

Boeing partnered with NMSI in 2012 to make AP courses, tests, teacher training and certification available at Fairborn and high schools in Lawton, Okla.; Kellum, Va.; and Aberdeen, Md., all of which serve a high concentration of students from military families.

Fairborn senior, Brittney Daugherty is one of those students whose father is in the Army. She has moved three times since beginning high school. AP course credits and test scores are accepted in nearly every high school in the country, so that Brittney does not lose any ground as she works toward each new school’s graduation requirements.

“That is really beneficial,” Brittney explains. “Graduation requirements are different with every school and because the schools that I’ve gone to are in different states, it’s really nice the AP classes will stay the same. It’s the same class no matter where you go.”

Thanks to Boeing’s partnership with NMSI to support AP preparation and testing at Fairborn High School, future Fairborn students will benefit from the school’s capacity to support students from military families and their teachers. These students can confidently build their high school credits no matter how many times they change residences and at the same time earn valuable college credits to accelerate their academic and professional careers.