An Air of Progress

May 02, 2014 in Commercial

If you've reached up from your airplane seat to turn the ventilation nozzle above your head, you might have wondered: How does air get to this outlet?

A jetliner's ventilation system has many parts. But Boeing and supplier PECO Astronics of Portland, Ore., worked together to devise a simpler air-distribution component that involves fewer parts, makes the airplane lighter and saves money.

Watch the video above to take a trip inside an in-production 737 and learn about what Boeing and PECO developed for this airplane.

This video also will take you inside one of the four Boeing 747-400 Dreamlifters. You'll see what Boeing and PECO did together to make additional use of the lower deck of this specially modified airplane that flies among each major production site of the 787 Dreamliner: Italy; Japan; Everett, Wash.; Wichita, Kan.; and North Charleston, S.C.

Boeing and its suppliers are working together to provide customer value in the company's Partnering for Success activity, which aims to create a sustainable competitive advantage in the cost, quality and reliability of Boeing products and services.