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Newly Certified KC-767 Italian Tanker to Refuel U.S. Air Force Jets

September 17, 2015 in Defense

The Italian Air Force is now certified to refuel a U.S. fighter jet, a first for any international Air Force.  Extensive testing at Edwards Air Force Base, California focused on maneuvering the Italian Boeing KC-767 boom into an F-35. The tests were conducted at various speeds and heights over a 30-day period, ranging from a handful to dozens of contacts in a single day.

The Italian Tanker program includes a 45-person Boeing workforce at the Practica di Mare Air Base just outside of Rome. Boeing’s key Global Services and Support strategies include global reach, local presence and uncompromising service as the cornerstone of the Italian Tanker program.

Check out the video above and go inside the KC-767 during a certification flight.

Italian Air Force boom operators use stereoscopic cameras, directional sensors and direct communication to navigate the KC-767 Tanker boom into the waiting F-35 fighter jet.