Kauser Imtiaz

A World Away
As a teenager, Kauser Imtiaz watched the moon landing on TV in 1969. That sight inspired him to pursue a career in aerospace. Today, he’s a Boeing structural engineer who tackles complex issues that surround the International Space Station and manned space flight.

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    BTJ:  Low-Cost Variable-Autonomy Ground Vehicles

    BTJ: Low-Cost Variable-Autonomy Ground Vehicles

    Industry has made substantial advances on unmanned aerial vehicles. This paper provides an alternative approach to developing unmanned ground vehicles.

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    BTJ: The Effectiveness of Checklists

    BTJ: The Effectiveness of Checklists

    This paper examines the use of checklists in high risk environmentsande xplores human factors studies that form the foundation for the use of checklists.

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    BTJ: The Industrial Athlete

    BTJ: The Industrial Athlete

    Additive manufacturing is predicted to maintain strong growth over the next several years, thanks to its capacity of materials with better performance and broader applications.

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    A Unique Research Environment in Brazil

    A Unique Research Environment in Brazil

    Among the topics studied at the Boeing R&D center in this South American nation: magnetic anomalies that can affect aircraft navigation systems.

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    IP Report

    IP Report

    Boeing has received third-party commendation for the strength of its patent portfolio. Here’s a look at some recent patents secured by Boeing.

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    Thought Leadership

    The Need to Learn
    Dr. Greg Hyslop, Boeing chief technology officer and senior vice president of Engineering, Test & Technology, explains the importance of learning to Boeing.

    Other Thought Leadership Columns

    A Culture of Learning, by Candice Smith, director of Global Engineering

    Ready, Set, Learn, by Kevin Wise, Boeing Senior Technical Fellow

    Greg Hyslop, Boeing chief technology officer and senior vice president of Engineering, Test & Technology

    Technology Radar


    People working in Boeing’s Technology Intelligence and Trends community of practice are human sensors in the world of science and technology. We make it our business to watch for innovations in practice, new business models and new ways of thinking. Here’s a peek at a few signals on the screen.

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    On the February cover: Ian Willson is a Boeing Technical Fellow who specializes in computational data analysis and software. He is based in Bellevue, Washington.

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