Producing an industrial leader

Greg Hyslop

Boeing Chief Technology Officer
Senior Vice President, Engineering, Test & Technology

We're proud and honored to be the world’s leader in aerospace innovation. To strengthen this distinction—and continue delivering for our customers and changing the world—we work hard every day on what we create and how we create it.

That’s why I’m pleased that this edition of IQ is exploring our advanced manufacturing activities, which I think is one of the more underappreciated aspects of Boeing. At our sites across the globe, Boeing colleagues work diligently to not only design, build and support the world’s most capable aerospace products and services, but also to find ways to improve how we perform these tasks.

That’s why we invest in advanced manufacturing equipment that enhances the quality of our products, the safety of our workplaces, and the efficiency of our processes. As one example of our many achievements in this area, last year we helped create the world’s largest solid 3D printed item, a wing trim and drill tool, measuring 17.5 feet long, 5.5 feet wide and 1.5 feet tall, for use in building our forthcoming 777X airplane. We have 20 years of experience in 3D printing because we saw early on how this technique saves energy, time and costs. In fact, thanks to 3D printing, the time needed to create that record-setting 777X tool was sliced from several months to about 30 hours.

Our products and services inspire awe because they change the world. But also remember that there’s an inspirational tale behind the way our talented people bring these products and services to life.