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Meet some of the many technical experts at Boeing who are making the impossible possible.

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Fatmata Barrie (right), a Boeing metals and ceramics engineer, seeks ways to use additive manufacturing to produce structurally critical commercial-jetliner parts through robust, repeatable processes that can earn Federal Aviation Administration certification.

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Q&A with Phil Freeman, a Boeing Senior Technical Fellow in automation research

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    IQ’s content includes articles from the Boeing Technical Journal, a peer-reviewed periodical for Boeing subject-matter-experts to capture and leverage knowledge. Research coverage includes all manner of commercial and defense product development, as well as products and services spanning land and sea, to air and space, and through cyberspace.

    While the expansive BTJ archive remains exclusive to Boeing employees, IQ offers selected articles to all readers; these articles are indicated with a “BTJ” heading.

    BTJ: Electromagnets for Aircraft Assembly

    BTJ: Electromagnets for Aircraft Assembly

    This paper describes the design and equipment characteristics of developing and integrating electromagnets into aircraft assembly systems.

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    BTJ: Innovation in Nondestructive Evaluation

    BTJ: Innovation in Nondestructive Evaluation

    This paper examines developments in nondestructive evaluation, a critical technology at Boeing that allows a structure to be evaluated without harming or affecting its purpose.

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    Something Worth Seeing

    Something Worth Seeing

    Six decades ago, before most people knew what a computer was or what it did, a Boeing illustrator and manager started calling the electronically created technical drawings “computer graphics.”

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    Georgia On My Mind

    Georgia On My Mind

    The Boeing Manufacturing Development Center at Georgia Tech is the home of a research partnership between Boeing and the school that explores the nontraditional use of automation in industrial applications.

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    An Industrial Champion Stands Tall

    An Industrial Champion Stands Tall

    The British city of Sheffield is the home of historic achievements in materials. It’s also the location of a Boeing manufacturing research center – and is the site of a forthcoming Boeing components factory.

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    "Co-bots" in the Land Down Under

    "Co-bots" in the Land Down Under

    Collaborative robots, or “co-bots,” represent an evolution in robot technology. They are a new class of lightweight robotic arms that are force-limited and designed to work alongside people.

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    Thought Leadership

    Built To Innovate
    Boeing's advanced manufacturing innovations make up a fascinating and underappreciated story about the company, says Dr. Greg Hyslop (right), Boeing chief technology officer.

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    3D Printing Done Right, by Richard Aston, Boeing Senior Technical Fellow

    Greg Hyslop, chief technology officer and senior vice president of Engineering, Test & Technology

    Technology Radar

    Toronto, Canada

    The Creative Destruction Lab, a seed-stage accelerator at the University of Toronto, has launched a program to harness the nascent power of quantum computing for artificial intelligence applications.

    Quantum Computing for Artificial Intelligence

    Malarg├╝e, Argentina

    Researchers studying cosmic rays as part of the Pierre Auger Collaboration have determined that these rare, high-energy particles originate outside the Milky Way galaxy.

    Extra-Galactic Starstuff

    Barcelona, Spain

    The KRISTINA Project is developing a translation application with human-like multimodal communications capabilities including culture-specific facial expression and gesture generation and analysis. A prototype is currently being evaluated.

    Multilingual Intelligent Embodied Agent

    Dodoma, Tanzania

    The government of Tanzania will begin using drones for just-in-time delivery of emergency and life-saving medical supplies to public health facilities across the country. The company Zipline, which owns and operates the drones, has been providing emergency blood deliveries to transfusion clinics in Rwanda since October 2016.

    Drone Emergency Medical Aid Delivery

    Qattara Depression, Egypt

    An agricultural “city” comprising 50,000 smart greenhouses, seawater desalination and solar power plants, and other agriculturally focused technical projects is being built in Egypt as part of a $10 billion cooperative protocol of the country and the Korea-Arab Society.

    Agriculture City in Egypt

    Reid, Austria

    New active thermography inspection of fiber-composite material aircraft components may be faster and more accurate than traditional ultrasonic approach. Developed by FACC, in partnership with Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences and the Higher Technical School, Andorf, the method detects component defects by measuring thermal waves.

    Thermal Testing for Composites

    London, England

    Researchers at Imperial College, London, have developed a tunable nanoparticle filter that can switch between a mirror and a window.

    Electrotunable Nanoplasmonic Liquid Mirror

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    On the cover: Fatmata Barrie is a metals and ceramics engineer based in Oak Ridge, Tenn.

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