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    Shareholder Services


    Computershare Investor Services acts as transfer agent and registrar for Boeing shareholders. Computershare Investor Services also distributes dividends to registered shareholders.

    There are two alternative ways to own stock, other than in mutual funds, which are

    • as a registered shareholder,
    • as a beneficial owner of stock that is held in "street name."

    If you are a registered shareholder of Boeing stock, your name appears in the Company's shareholder register kept by Computershare Investor Services. You receive dividend checks written on the Boeing account with Computershare Investor Services, or Direct Deposit of your dividends to your bank account through the Automated Clearing House, or you may qualify to have your dividends reinvested through the Dividend Reinvestment and Stock Purchase Plan administered by Computershare Investor Services.

    Registered shareholders may visit Computershare Investor Services' website, and send e-mail from that site, or call 1-888-777-0923 for information and assistance.

    If your shares are registered in "street name," your name does not appear anywhere in the Company's shareholder records. Instead, the "street name" of your broker, bank, or other nominee who holds the shares for you appears on our records; you are the beneficial owner of the shares. Your dividends are delivered to your broker, bank, or other nominee, who distributes the dividends to you.

    Boeing and Computershare Investor Services do not have records of beneficial owners of Boeing stock. If you are a beneficial owner of Boeing stock, please contact your broker, bank or other nominee for assistance with any questions concerning ownership or dividends.

    Electronic Delivery of Shareholder Materials

    To save resources and reduce Boeing’s printing and mailing costs, registered shareholders can elect to receive future proxy materials and other shareholder communications at Beneficial shareholders should contact their brokerage firm or bank to elect to receive electronic delivery of their shareholder materials.

    Direct Deposit

    Any registered shareholder (one whose Boeing shares are held in an account with Computershare, the Company's transfer agent) can have dividends deposited directly into a checking, money market or savings account at any U.S. bank, credit union or other financial institution that participates in the Automated Clearing House ("ACH") system.

    You can receive your dividend checks faster, avoid the risk of your dividend checks being lost in the mail and eliminate the inconvenience of having to endorse and deposit your paper dividend checks in your bank account by signing up for direct deposit of your dividends. Computershare provides direct deposit of your dividends at no cost to you. To enroll in Direct Deposit, please contact Computershare Investor Services.

    Dividend Re-investment and Cash Purchase Plan

    The Boeing Company offers a Dividend Reinvestment and Optional Cash Purchase Plan administered by Boeing's transfer agent, Computershare ("Computershare Plan") for shareholders of record. In order to participate, you must make your initial purchase through a broker. Your broker can then transfer the shares to you, so that the stock will be held in your name, as opposed to the broker's name. Your broker can provide you with the details regarding the transfer process. After the stock is transferred to your name, an account will be established for you at Computershare. Under the Computershare Plan, you are eligible to participate in Dividend Reinvestment only if you own 50 or more shares. If you hold less than 50 shares, dividend checks will be sent to you through the mail or, you can receive your dividend checks faster by choosing Direct Deposit of Dividend Checks. If you elect to reinvest your dividends, you may also make "optional cash investments" (minimum of $50.00). Or, under the Computershare Plan, you can make "optional cash investments" without reinvesting dividends if you own one or more shares.

    To obtain more information about the Computershare Plan or to enroll in Direct Deposit of your dividends, please call Computershare's toll-free customer services number at: 888-777-0923 or access Computershare Investor Services.

    If your shares are held in "street name" (for example with a stock broker or a mutual fund), please note that you may participate in dividend reinvestment directly through your broker, however, you are not eligible to make "optional payments" to purchase additional shares under the Computershare Plan unless you are a registered holder with an account at Computershare.

    Cost Basis Calculator

    The NetBasis Cost Basis system will automatically calculate the cost basis for your Boeing stock, by adjusting for any corporate actions or dividend reinvestments. All you need to use NetBasis are your purchase/acquisition dates, number of shares or amount acquired and sold, and your sale dates. Within seconds, you will have your Cost Basis, Gain/Loss and Sale Proceeds, as well as the current status of your investment. NetBasis will provide you with supporting documentation if you were to ever need it.

    Logging on to the NetBasis system will enable you to purchase a cost basis calculation. If you have any questions, call their 24/7 Customer Care Call Center, 1-888-80-BASIS (1-888-802-2747) or use the Live Web Chat service located on the Help button once you have logged on to the system.

    Stock Split History

    May 9, 1952 May 23, 1952 3 for 2 (or 50%) script, no cash
    May 7, 1954 May 22, 1954 2 for 1 (or 100%) --
    July 13, 1956 August 6, 1956 2 for 1 (or 100%) --
    November 19, 1956 December 17, 1956 2% stock dividend (1 share for each 50 shares) --
    November 19, 1957 December 17, 1957 4% stock dividend (1 share for each 25 shares) --
    November 19, 1958 December 17, 1958 4% dividend (1 share for each 25 ) --
    November 12, 1959 December 17, 1959 4% dividend (1 share for each 25 ) --
    May 3, 1966 May 17, 1966 2 for 1 (or 100%) --
    August 11, 1977 September 12, 1977 2 for 1 (or 100%) --
    March 12, 1979 April 12, 1979 3 for 2 (or 50%) $22.67
    March 14, 1980 April 14, 1980 3 for 2 (or 50%) $19.38
    May 10, 1985 June 7, 1985 3 for 2 (or 50%) $20.71
    May 12, 1989 June 9, 1989 3 for 2 (or 50%) $26.50
    May 18, 1990 June 8, 1990 3 for 2 (or 50%) $25.73
    May 16, 1997 June 6, 1997 2 for 1 (or 100%) --

    In each of the splits shown above, new certificates were issued for the additional shares and sent by the transfer agent to the registered shareholders. Fractional share certificates are not issued. In the 3 for 2 splits, a shareholder who had an odd number of shares before the split was sent a check for the value of one half of a share.

    Stock Dividend History

    Dividend Payment History

    The Dividend Payment History page provides tables showing actual dividends since 1937. The data has not been adjusted for subsequent stock splits.

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