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June 2002 
Volume 01, Issue 02 
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C-17 featured on Letterman

Writers from "The Late Show with David Letterman" came to Charleston Air Force Base, S.C., to do a live-to-tape feature with 10 crewmembers taking turns reading one of the comedian's infamous Top Ten List items with a C-17 Globemaster as a backdrop. The segment aired May 2 to about 4 million viewers. Since January, Letterman has been occasionally shooting the Top Ten List at various military installations around the world to recognize servicemembers for their ongoing efforts to thwart terrorism. Now, on to the list.


Top Ten Reasons I Love My Job
10 The frequent-flier miles really pile up. (Master Sergeant Jeff Gaines)
9 When the pilot's not looking, we throw water balloons out of the jet. (Senior Master Sergeant Barbara Greenwald)
8 Gillette's new Mach 3 Turbo works even better if you shave while going Mach 3. (Tech Sergeant Greg Fennessy)
7 Growing up, Mom always told me not to throw food. Well guess what, mom? The United States Air Force is paying me to throw food. (Chief Master sergeant Mike Michaud)
6 The cockpit is full of shiny buttons and lights. (Master Sergeant Greg Arceneaux)
5 I know he's not a refugee, but sometimes I'll drop stuff on Letterman's house just to mess with him. (First Lieutenant Molly Curland)
4 The dental plan. (Tech Sergeant Darin Elwood)
3 The sense of fulfillment after a day's work — just kidding. The jets go, like, super fast! (Airman First Class Tabitha Stewart)
2 Sometimes I sneak a crate of freeze-dried beans for myself. (Master Sergeant Dennis Ingold)
1 I'm at the controls of a $200 million jet—what do you drive? (Major Mark Bauknight)
Courtesy CBS Worldwide Inc.

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