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December 2003/January 2004
Volume 02, Issue 08
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A Capital refocusing

A Capital refocusing The Nov. 12 refocusing of Boeing Capital Corporation means Walt Skowronski has a new role.

Previously the senior vice president of finance and treasurer of Boeing, Skowronski now becomes the president of Boeing Capital, Boeing's financing subsidiary. Boeing Capital has a $12 billion portfolio—nearly 80 percent of which is in its Aircraft Financial Services group, which arranges and provides financing to buy and lease Boeing commercial aircraft.


Different mission but same roles for BCC teammates

Since being named the president of Boeing Capital Corporation last month, Walt Skowronski has told his new teammates that some things haven't changed amid the unit's reorganization.

In an interview with Boeing Frontiers, Skowronski said his messages in his initial visits with Boeing Capital employees have focused on three ideas: identifying the new role of Boeing Capital and the value the unit brings to Boeing; stating that the potential to bring value to Boeing has never been greater; and reminding teammates that "the role of every member of the BCC team really has not changed—everyone is absolutely integral to realizing the enormous potential before us."

Although Boeing Capital has "a different operating paradigm," Skowronski said he told his teammates that "our overall objective of bringing value to Boeing hasn't changed. We have an incredibly talented team in place to make it all happen."


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