Boeing Frontiers
March 2003
Volume 01, Issue 10
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Answers from Pop Quiz

1 Engine: The B&W, Cloudster, DT-1/2, Douglas World Cruisers, M-4 Douglas Air Mail, TBD Devastator, SBD Dauntless, AD Skyraider, D558-1 Skystreak, D558-2 Skyrocket, F4D Skyray, A-4 Skyhawk

2 Engines: 247, 737, DC9, DC3, T2D floatplane, PD-1 seaplane, Dolphin seaplane, C-47 Skytrain, B-18 Bolo, A-20 Havoc, B-23 Dragon, A-26/B-26 Invader, F3D Skyknight, X-3 Stiletto, A3D Skywarrior, B-66 Destroyer, C-9A Nightingale, C-9B Skytrain II, 757, 767, MD-80, MD-90, 777, 717

3 Engines: Model 80, 727, DC-10, MD-11 (Another three-engine plane was the North American AJ Savage—it had 2 props and a jet—"One burnin' and two turnin'." Fokker Atlantic is also part of heritage and they built the F-10, another three-engine plane.)

4 Engines: B-17, 707, 747, B-19, C-74 Globemaster, C-124 Globemaster II, C-118 Liftmaster, C-133 Cargomaster, C-54

5 Engines: B-17 (one used by Pratt and Whitney as an engine test bed had an engine in the nose, making a five-engine airplane. It was designated the JB-17.)

6 Engines: B-47

7 Engines: B-47 (The U.S. Air Force transferred one B-47B to the Royal Canadian Air Force, and they used it to test the Orenda Iroquois engine. They strapped the engine to the rear of the B-47, giving the airplane a seventh engine. They designated the airplane the CL-25.)

8 Engines: B-52

Bonus: 24 Engines: B-47 with 18 small rocket units in the fuselage for jet-assisted takeoff


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