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May 2003
Volume 02, Issue 01
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BoeingWellness Web siteWith 20,000+ health-dedicated websites on the Internet, deciding where to go for factual, research-based information can be enough to send a person surfing for headache remedies. Now Boeing employees and their families will have a single, reliable source for health answers they can trust:

This new eHealth portal—powered and maintained by the world-renowned Mayo Clinic—will be rolled out to Boeing people worldwide between May-August 2003.


How to ground skyrocketing health care costs?

Imagine this scenario. Let's say you knew your car insurance or grocery bills were increasing at least 15 percent per year for the next three years. Would you take steps to reduce costs by: changing the deductible, shopping around, switching to a midsize car or less expensive food items, or reconsidering your use/consumption? Probably. Smart consumers use a variety of techniques to manage their costs.


Other wellness programs

Darrin StallworthFree & Clear Quit Tobacco Program. Available to all Boeing employees free of charge, this program combines telephone- based counseling with nicotine replacement therapy, when appropriate. Call 1-800-292-2336 to learn more about this program.

Free flu shots. Last fall, more than 57,000 Boeing employees at 74 company sites received a free flu shot.

The Harmony Health Letter. Mailed monthly, Harmony is packed with health news, wellness information and tips for healthier lifestyles.

Health & Fitness Centers. Boeing has 32 fitness centers, large and small, with equipment, classes and individualized counseling.

Weight Watchers at Work®. Groups hold their weekly meetings on company property. For more information, call 1-800-828-9675.

Health fairs


Health and wellness seminars



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