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May 2003
Volume 02, Issue 01
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The Boeing Company understands that employees have diverse and active lifestyles. Balancing work, family and sometimes school can be a real juggling act. To help employees in the U.S. and some non-U.S. locations manage and maximize their work-life balance, Boeing provides or supports a wide range of non-traditional benefits and programs.

Boeing Leisure Travel

Boeing Leisure Travel ( is designed to meet the personal and family travel needs of Boeing employees at significant savings. Almost 10,000 employees took advantage of this in 2002.

Recreation clubs

More than 20,000 Boeing employees, retirees and their families participate in approximately 300 Boeing Recreation clubs and leagues across the United States. The company provides resources, meeting facilities, gymnasiums and program oversight, as well as making equipment available for activities—everything from skydiving to softball.

Affinity groups

Employees participate in more than 31 affinity groups. Participants share common interests, pursue personal and professional development, and engage in business initiatives. Boeing provides resources, meeting facilities and program oversight through Diversity offices.

Gift matching

The Boeing Gift Matching Program is one of the many ways for employees to provide financial support to their favorite organizations. In 2002, Boeing employees and retirees contributed more than $8.2 million through the Gift Matching Program. The Boeing Company matched over $5.8 million representing a total of $14 million back to the community.

Contributions made by full-time and part-time employees (and their spouses) to accredited educational institutions and 501(c)3 cultural and art organizations are matched dollar-for-dollar. Retirees' gifts are matched 50 cents to the dollar.

For additional guidelines and the form, visit the Community Web at

Musical in Missouri

"It all started four years ago with a couple guys playing holiday music in the cafeteria. Now, it's a 30-piece concert band and it's still growing," says Bill Grosch, spokesman for the band and a procurement agent with Weapons Programs in St. Louis.

"We're a not-for-profit group of employees, managers and retirees, as well as their spouses and kids. We typically play at company events like product rollouts for the Navy and Air Force. And we also perform at veteran's homes, local fairs, community centers, and the like."

The Boeing Concert Band's repertoire includes patriotic songs, Broadway hits, pop tracks, and classical pieces. It offers players a chance to practice with fellow enthusiasts while giving something back to the community.

"We have a lot of fun," Bill explains. "We're goodwill ambassadors for the company and we get to share the gift of music with those less fortunate."

Other Boeing musical groups in St. Louis include: The Balladeers chorus, Brass Quintet and Jazz Band. For information, contact Bill Grosch at 636-925-4379 or Don Halski at 314-232-0157.

National Merit Scholarships

Children of Boeing employees and its subsidiaries are eligible for $1500 scholarships per year if they are National Merit Finalists.

This year, sixty-five children of Boeing employees and its subsidiaries were selected as Boeing National Merit Scholars. The company has been participating in the program since 1955. For more information, go to

Employees Community Fund

Boeing employees can contribute to nonprofit and educational institutions through the Employees Community Fund (ECF). The Boeing Employees Community Fund is the largest employeeowned and employee-managed charitable fund in the world. The company handles all administrative cost so that 100% of employee contributions go to meet local needs. It is easy to participate. Visit for information.

Employees are gearing up for the 2003 campaign May 5-16. Last year, employees raised over $33 million for their communities.

Mothers' Rooms

Boeing enables employee mothers returning to work to make infant feeding choices best suited to their needs. Within company work site facilities, Mother's Rooms are private places. This program demonstrates an increased awareness of the health benefits that breastfeeding offers. To find Mothers' Room at a U.S. location visit

Boeing employee discount program

From appliances to zip drives, employees will find a range of discounted products and services at Included in the offerings are entertainment, dining, flowers, gifts and home improvement.

Deceased Affairs Office

In the event of an employee's death, Boeing provides personal assistance to help ease the burden for surviving family members and/or friends.

The Deceased Affairs Office will help the employee's family arrange for the disbursement of unpaid earnings, the exchange of personal and company property, and the disbursement of benefits to appropriate beneficiaries.

To reach Deceased Affairs call TotalAccess at 1-866-473-2016.


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