Boeing Frontiers
September 2003
Volume 02, Issue 05
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Focus on Finance
New feature boosts 401 (k) plans

For those who got a late start saving for their retirement, a change in federal law now permits people age 50 and up to make "catchup" contributions to 401(k) savings plans.

Starting this fall, Boeing will enhance its qualifying Savings plans by providing a pretax "catch-up contribution" option. This feature allows eligible participants to contribute more money to their accounts, beyond the annual pretax contribution limit.


Messaging technology spun out into new firm

Boeing late last month announced the spinout of internally developed messaging security and compliance technology into a new, separate company called MessageGate Inc.

Established through the Chairman's Innovation Initiative at Boeing, MessageGate is based on a system that effectively blocks junk or unwanted e-mails, frequently called "spam," for corporations, while ensuring that all valid business e-mail is delivered.

"The formation of MessageGate is a significant achievement for Boeing, because it is a concrete example of how we are fostering a culture of innovation and generating new business opportunities through the entrepreneurial ideas of our people," said Miller Adams, vice president of Boeing Ventures and Boeing Phantom Works Technology Planning and Acquisition, which manages the Chairman's Innovation Initiative.


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