December 2004/January 2005 
Volume 03, Issue 8 
Special Features

Above >> Commercial Airplanes engineers Don Furlong (left) and David Space review a 747 interior mockup in Everett, Wash. "The work I do could affect the comfort of millions of Boeing passengers on commercial jetliners," Furlong said. "I am proud that our efforts will be part of new aircraft flying the world for many years to come." Said Space: "There's a great deal of passion for good work at this company—a desire by people to build really good products. I like that."
A little girl is fascinated by the manned space program, which began before she was born. An 8-year-old boy in New Delhi, India, watches DC-3s taking off and landing and dreams of flying airplanes. A U.S. marine veteran wants to continue to help and protect his comrades in the battlefield.

That's how several Boeing employees remember the moment they decided they wanted to work in aerospace. Now they're designing, testing and helping to build products that have changed the lives of people around the globe.

Just what is it about Boeing that continues to appeal to engineers and technologists? Most knew early that they had an aptitude for science and math. Many were fascinated by space and flying machines in childhood or at college.

It's the diversity of Boeing that appeals to Hank Queen, vice president of Engineering and Manufacturing at Boeing Commercial Airplanes. "You can work on so many different kinds of projects. Work for a wide variety of customers. And work with terrific, talented people every single day," Queen said. "Boeing allows us to invest in ourselves through job experience and continuing education. When you consider the good we do—connecting and protecting the world—it's a tremendous place to be."

Other companies and engineers have demanding tasks, said Bob Krieger, president of Boeing Phantom Works, "but putting toothpaste in a tube or even making a car doesn't compare with building a plane or spacecraft. If you want a true challenge as an engineer, Boeing has everything you're looking for."

Over the next few pages, Challenge presents a look at some Boeing engineers and technologists who explain what makes working at Boeing appealing, and what makes Boeing such a great place to work.

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