December 2004/January 2005 
Volume 03, Issue 8 
Special Features

Peer approval

A special year for select technologists

Monica Jacinto and Mike CaveEach year Boeing presents Special Invention Awards in honor of "inventions of significant value to the company." Following is the list of the 2004 Special Invention Award winners.


ANP/RNP (Acutal and Required Navigation Performance) Based Flight Path Display:
Michael Carriker, Darcy Hilby, Drew Houck, Rolan Shomber, Tom Tarleton

Angled Fiber Array Attenuation Technique:
Eric Chan, Dennis Koshinz

Electromagnetic Dent Remover Power Supply:
John Cotter, David Smith

Automated Specification of Low-Curvature Tool Paths for High-Speed Pocket Machining:
Michael Bieterman, Donald Sandstrom

Solid-State Thermal Engine:
Minas Tanielian

Structural Test Soft Support System:
Mark Miller, John Valko

Enhanced 737 Rudder Control System:
Paul Cline, Neal Huynh, Leonard Inderhees, Alexander Oleson, Munir Orgun, Mark Smith

Supplementary Electronic Tailskid:
Wendi DeWitt, David Eggold, Monte Evans, Mithra Sankrithi, Stephen Wells

Wells Laminated Composite Radius Filter:
Pete George, Kirk Kajita, Barry Van

West Intelligent Wiring Diagram System/Apparatus and Methods for Converting Raster Illustrated Parts Images into Intelligent Vector-Layered Files:
Lawrence Baum, John Boose, Molly Boose, Mike Post, David Shema

High Contrast Eddy Current Flaw Detector Using Anisotropic Magnetoresistive Vector Magnetometers:
Raymond Rempt

Multi-Arm Elliptic Logarithmic Spiral Arrays Having Broadband and Off-Axis Application:
James Underbrink

Flexible Track Drill Machine:
Paul Arntson, David Banks, Theodore Boyl-Davis, James Buttrick Jr., Roger Gage, Darrell Jones, Alan Merkley, Ronald Outous, Michael Stepan, Lyle Wallace, Philip Wright


Affordable Digital Reconstruction and Investigation Support of Mishaps:
Robert Lueking, William Macy, Ronald Marsden

AH-64 Apache Rapid Deployment Rotor System:
Conan Hansen, Kenneth MacGregor, Neal Muylaert, Angelo Scardullo, Kevin Venisnik

Systems and Methods for Providing Enhanced Vision Imaging Systems and Methods for Providing Enhanced Vision Imaging with Decreased Latency:
Kenneth Bernier, Dennis Yelton

Monolithic Composite Firewall:
Dennis Landi, David Misciagna, Philip Persaud

Fibre Channel Interface Unit and PCM Encoded Fibre Channel:
Robert Zettwoch

Podau Military Standard 1760-A Interface Improvement:
William Ebert, James Leonard, Richard Meyer

Bomb Fuze Event Instrumentation:
Tom Dellamano, Fred Filsinger, Mark Gibson, Robert Grant, Joseph Molinari, Jill Powers, Gary Throm

Vidicon Ion Burn Photo Revitalization:
Monroe Lalumandier

Laptop Computer Tactical Operation Center:
Paul Gieske, Mark Palich

Video Aid to Assembly System for Automatic Display of Electronic Manufacturing Drawings:
Dana Jackson, Dennis Mathis


System-of-Systems Systems Engineering Process:
Marion Butterfield, John Gula, Haig Krikorian, Alaka Shivananda

Method and Apparatus for Generating and Inert Gas on a Vehicle:
Donald Snow

Interface Pallet System:
Richard Almassy, Anibal Garcia, Myles Rohrlick, James Wells

Transient Cancellation Technique for Spacecraft Solar Wing Stepping:
Arun Prakash, Hanching Grant Wang

Structure with Blended Polymer Conformal Coating of Controlled Electrical Resistivity:
Chris Lee, Philip Leung, Lynn Long

Return Link Design for PSD Limited Mobile Satellite Communication Systems:
Michael de La Chapelle, Kevin O'Brien

Fairing Access Door with Reinforcement and Method of Manufacture:
Boris Tsetsorin

Bearing Cup Rotational Lock Assembly:
John Fabry, James Goss

Electro-Optical Sensor System for Use in Observing Objects:
Rick Creekmore, John Davis

High Performance System and Method for Capturing and Absorbing Radiation:
Lynn Eigler, Youssef Kohanzadeh, Yan Tam

Canard Rotor/Wing:
John Rutherford, Brian Smith



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