July 2004 
Volume 03, Issue 3 
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Friends, amis, amici, amigos, Freunde—in any language

rocket launch from the Sea Launch ocean-based platform on the EquatorBoeing's relationships with European suppliers and partners reach back more than 60 years. Listed here are some of the company's other alliances with aerospace firms on the continent:

Fischer Advanced Composites Components: Builds the 717 interior.

Snecma: Along with U.S.-based program partner GE Aircraft Engines, is exclusive supplier of CFM-56 engines for Boeing 737 airplanes.
Messier-Dowty: This Snecma Group subsidiary will provide 7E7 main and nose landing gear.
Dassault Systèmes: Will work with Boeing to provide 7E7's Global Collaboration Environment, a virtual development workspace that facilitates the digital design, building and testing of each aspect of the airplane and its manufacturing processes before production begins. GCE includes the Product Lifecycle Management CATIA V5 tool suite.
ECE Zodiac, Messier-Bugatti and Thales: Members of the 7E7 Systems Technology Team, which is developing the airplane's technologies and design concepts.
Labinal: This Snecma Group subsidiary is the wiring supplier for the 717.
Latecoere: Member of the 7E7 airframe technology team.

Siemens Corp: Partners with Boeing Integrated Defense Systems on installing and maintaining explosives detection systems for U.S. airports.
German Defence Procurement Agency: Teamed on the X-31A Vector Program along with EADS, the U.S. Navy and 34 Boeing. The X-31A aircraft successfully demonstrated extremely short-takeoff-and-landing capabilities.
Rolls-Royce Deutschland: Supplies the BR 715 engine for the 717.

Finmeccanica: This parent company of Alenia Aeronautica, Alenia Spazio and Aeronavali signed 2003 Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate on a variety of projects and programs across Boeing business units.
Alenia Aeronautica: Working with the 7E7 program to supply horizontal stabilizer and fuselage sections.
Alenia, Aeronavali and Italian Ministry of Defense: Collaborate on development of the 767 Tanker Transport for the Italian Air Force.
Alenia Spazio: Signed 2002 Memorandum of Understanding to team on ballistic missile defense. Works with NASA and other nations' space agencies on International Space Station, Boeing Delta II, and Joint Direct Attack Munition integration on AMX and Tornado aircraft.
Aeronavali: Performs passenger-to-freighter modifications of Boeing commercial airplanes.
Centro Richerche Fiat: This Italian research and development organization is working to evaluate Boeing's patented IntelliBus Network Systems technology for possible automotive applications.

Sea Launch Company: A joint venture with Russia's RSC-Energia, the Ukraine's SDO Yuzhnoye/PO Yuzhmash, and Norway's Aker Kvaerner, it launches commercial satellites to orbit from a platform at sea.
Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company: Boeing consults with Sukhoi on the development and marketing of the Russian Regional Jet, a plane that will serve a different market niche than the Boeing-built 717.
Rosaviakosmos: Collaborates with NASA, other nations' space agencies on the International Space Station.
RTI-Systems Concern: Signed a cooperative agreement with Boeing for the conduct of joint architectural analysis on radar systems.

Boeing European Research & Technology Europe: Located in Madrid, this Boeing Phantom Works center draws upon the best of European aerospace technology-and some of the continent's best scientific minds-to perform collaborative R&D in Europe focused on three key areas: environment, safety and air traffic management. The center currently collaborates with more than 70 European organizations in 19 countries.
CSIC/Higher Council of Scientific Research: Part of Spain's Ministry of Science and Technology, it signed a framework agreement to perform joint aeronautic research and technology development activities.
EADS-CASA: Works on Boeing 777 and 737 and Integrated Defense Systems programs.
Aeronáutica del Sur, Airgrup, Consur, Inespasa, Intecair, Calderinox: These Spain-based companies serve as suppliers on Boeing 717 program.

Tusas Aerospace Industries: Responsible for Turkey's Airborne Early Warning and Control program (Peace Eagle) aircraft modifications and testing. AEW&C platform will be a Boeing Next-Generation 737-700.
HAVELSAN: Responsible for Airborne Early Warning & Control software. Signed contract with Boeing on regional and global ballistic missile defense issues.

Rolls-Royce: One of two companies chosen to supply 7E7 engines-in this case, the Trent 1000.
FR-HiTemp: Will supply various fuel pumps and valves for 7E7.
QinetiQ: Signed Memorandum of Understanding with Boeing to explore possible collaboration on technology development, including for lighter-than-air vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles, systems integration, and network-centric operations.
GKN: Along with Boeing created the Apache Aircrew Training International Limited joint venture to provide simulation training for Apache pilots and ground crew.
BAE Systems: Works with Boeing on Harrier II Plus, T-45 Goshawk, and the Nimrod MRA4 maritime patrol and attack aircraft programs. Prime contractor and partner on U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory contract to further develop Enhanced Vision System technologies. Signed Memorandum of Understanding with Boeing on all aspects of global ballistic missile defense. Member of 7E7 Systems Technology Team.
Cambridge, Cranfield and Sheffield Universities: Established multi-year research and development relationships with Boeing to work on various advanced information, aeronautics and manufacturing technologies.

-Maureen Jenkins


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