June 2004 
Volume 03, Issue 2 
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The people of Boeing have faced tough ethical decisions. Here’s how some of them have acted—and information on what employees should know to make the right call.

Several high-profile ethics issues have cast shadows on the integrity of Boeing and its people. Yet every day, the people of Boeing demonstrate their commitment to ethical behavior. "It is important to remember that there are many instances of positive news about our company, and that we are growing healthier every day through increased awareness such as training, education, improved processes and recommitment sessions," said Martha Ries, Boeing vice president for Ethics and Business Conduct. "Every Boeing employee plays a part in our ethical climate by learning more about ethics, by asking more questions, by 'doing the right thing,' and by seeking help when necessary."

This package of stories details instances of how Boeing employees are helping support ethical actions. It offers Ries' insight on the ethics environment within Boeing, explains the role of the Office of Internal Governance, and lists Ethics and Business Conduct's contact information. It also takes an ethical "pulse check" among the people of Boeing.

What do you think?

Boeing Frontiers asked people around the enterprise whether they believe Boeing employees act with integrity.

"The people I work with are professional and ethical. We work closely together and trust each other, and integrity is part of that trust. So, how can there not be integrity if you have trust?"

-Tyrone Perry,
Sea-Tac, Wash.

"I believe that Boeing employees act with integrity. Boeing promotes that open, honest communication and doing the right thing are the set of values we should come to work with and operate under."

-Cynthia Florendo

"I would say most Boeing employees act with integrity and good ethics. Every barrel has a few bad apples, but for the most part Boeing people act with integrity. In those cases where they don't, there are numerous programs and contact people you can inform to correct those actions."

-Keith Berthiaume,
Mesa, Ariz.

"I am optimistic enough to think most of us give it our best effort. Personally, I have very high standards. Some things that make me uncomfortable, that I think are wrong, others might see differently, and they might be OK with it. The key is to take the high road: When in doubt, don't do it."

-Debbie Fletcher,

"For the most part, Boeing people act with integrity. Employees want to produce a quality product and uphold agreements with our customers, suppliers and the FAA. It would be helpful, however, if organizational communication could improve and be set to a higher standard."

-Judie Windsor-Newman
SeaTac, Wash.

"In my opinion, at least 90 percent of the people in our company are well-oriented regarding our procedures and processes, and they know the importance of integrity. A small percentage, as little as 2 percent, view it as no big deal. I base my opinion on the situations I have observed during my time at Boeing."

-Sheri Gohl

"People at Boeing definitely act with integrity. I've worked here since 1978, and I've seen a big change in management. They work better with people, and relationships between employees and managers are real and based upon friendships, rather than intimidation."

-Mike Stewart
Renton, Wash.

"Absolutely! I work with people in the factory, first-line managers, engineering liaisons and support functions, and I would say all act with integrity."

-Audrea Worthington
Renton, Wash.

"I believe that most Boeing people act with integrity on the job. Boeing is no different than any other large group of people. You'll have those who try to 'work' the system for their own benefit or how they perceive it benefits the company. There will always be people around like that, and it is up to us to be aware of what is going on. All it takes is for one person to say 'Stop! That's not right.' All it takes is remembering that 'winning' does not justify the means, no matter what popular culture tells us."

-Maggie Nowakowska
Bellevue, Wash.



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Who you gonna call? Ethics advisors!

How to contact Ethics
Phone: 1-888-970-7171; 1-800-14-0201 (in Australia); 1-800-617-3384 (TDD/TTY)
Fax: 1-888-970-5330
E-mail: EthicsLine.ethics@boeing.com
Boeing Web: http://ethics.whq.boeing.com/ethicslinemail.html
Intercompany mail: Mail Code 14-14
Ethics advisors: Find yours at http://ethics.whq.boeing.com/needa.html


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