June 2004 
Volume 03, Issue 2 
Main Feature
Who you gonna call? Ethics advisors!

Your biggest customer wants to give you a birthday present. Is that OK?

Boeing people may face similar work-related situations that they may not know how to handle. To get guidance, they can turn to Boeing ethics advisors.

As part of the Ethics and Business Conduct organization of the Office of Internal Governance, ethics advisors serve Boeing employees, as well as external suppliers and customers, with an independent and confidential avenue to ask questions, raise concerns or report perceived improper business practices.

“Ethics advisors play an important role in enforcing core company values and providing an avenue for employees who believe that the values aren’t being upheld,” said Boeing Ethics Director Ed Carr, who leads company ethics advisors in supporting enterprisewide businesses. “We encourage employees to talk with their managers first. If that’s not possible, employees can call their local ethics advisors, who represent Boeing and are trained to assist employees on questions and issues with a level of confidentiality.”

Advisors are ready to help with questions on any subject. About 80 percent of calls to ethics advisors are general questions from employees who need guidance, for example, interpreting a policy or procedure. If a situation requires further investigation, an ethics case will be created and thoroughly managed until resolved.

“For some, it’s an emotional experience to voice a concern. Everyone who contacts an Ethics Advisor is treated with respect and protected to the greatest extent possible,” Carr said. He added that Boeing employees also can call anonymously; advisors do not have Caller ID.

Depending on the seriousness of a complaint, the ethics advisors may be compelled to report the issue through appropriate channels. “Retaliation will never be tolerated, and we provide every possible protection so that doesn’t happen,” stressed Carr.

To find your local Ethics Advisor by business unit or region, go to the Ethics Web site at http://ethics.whq.boeing.com (internal Boeing link) or call the Ethics Line at 1-888-970-7171; TDD/TTY: 1-800-617-3384. You also may send an e-mail anonymously online via the Ethics Web site at http://ethics.whq.boeing.com/ethicslinemail.html (internal Boeing link).

—Katherine Sopranos


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