November 2004 
Volume 03, Issue 7 
Calendar of Events

Nov. 1-7: Airshow China 2004. Zhuhai, China. See

Nov. 3-4: Managing Aircraft Interior Costs Conference. Renaissance London Gatwick Hotel, Gatwick Airport, United Kingdom. See

Nov. 3-4: Avsec World 2004. This conference focuses on aviation security. Vancouver, British Columbia. See

Nov. 7-9: SpeedNews Ninth Annual Regional & Corporate Aviation Industry Suppliers Conference. Rancho Mirage, Calif. See

Nov. 10-11: Airport, Port and Terminal Security 2004. London. See

Nov. 10-11: Fourth Annual Central & Eastern Europe Airline Engineering & Maintenance Conference. Vienna, Austria. See

Nov. 15-16: Aircraft Asset Management Training Seminar. New York. See

Nov. 17-18: Aircraft Maintenance Outsourcing Conference for the Americas. Phoenix. See

Nov. 19-22: IATA 115th Schedules Conference. Boston. See

Nov. 30-Dec. 2: Technical Analysis and Applications Center 2004 Unmanned Air Vehicles Conference: "Coming of Age: Integration and Interdependence." Santa Ana Pueblo, N.M. See

Dec. 2-3: Fourth Annual Managing Aircraft Maintenance Costs Conference. Hamburg, Germany. See

Jan. 19-21: First International Fuel Cell Expo. Tokyo. See

Feb. 28-March 1: Airport, Port & Terminal Security. Dubai, United Arab Emirates. See

June 13-19: Paris Air Show. Le Bourget Airport, Paris. See


Boeing Frontiers assembles the above listings for the convenience of its readers only, and they do not constitute an endorsement by The Boeing Company. Times, dates and subject matter are subject to change or cancellation. If you have any items you wish Frontiers to consider for the Calendar, please e-mail them to, or send them by regular mail to Boeing Frontiers magazine, 100 N. Riverside, MC: 5003-0983, Chicago, IL 60606-1596.

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