November 2004 
Volume 03, Issue 7 
Special Features

Opportunities: You're in the driver's seat

This special section of the November Boeing Frontiers is designed to provide insight into some of the pay, benefits, career development and work-life programs available at Boeing. With the information provided in this insert, employees can get involved with these programs. Please note that this section does note provide an exhaustive listing, since some Boeing locations and employee groups have specialized programs.


Master of global airlift

The Boeing C-17 Globemaster III airlifter has literally changed the face of combat, flying strategic ranges and landing on tactical airfields, most recently in Afghanistan and Iraq. Since 1995, when the new fleet became operational, C-17s have been the airlifter of choice for worldwide operations such as hurricane relief in the Caribbean, peacekeeping missions worldwide and the global war on terrorism.

Built by Boeing Integrated Defense Systems in Long Beach, Calif., the C-17 is designed to fulfill military airlift needs well into the 21st century. A high-wing, fourengine, T-tailed aircraft with a rear-loading ramp, the C-17 can carry large combat equipment and troops or humanitarian aid across international distances directly to small austere airfields anywhere in the world



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