April 2005 
Volume 03, Issue 11 
Integrated Defense Systems

Because it matters

Because it mattersMore than 80,000 teammates take part in IDS' Recommitment to Ethics Day

More than 80,000 Boeing employees around the world came together in late February to focus on the values that are the foundation of the company.

In small conference rooms, large arenas, outsized tents and auditoriums, Integrated Defense Systems employees, joined by Phantom Works and Shared Services Group teammates colocated at IDS locations, participated in the third IDS Recommitment to Ethics Day.

Employees heard company leaders, independent ethics experts, U.S. Navy Secretary Gordon England and colleagues explain why ethics matters. They discussed the importance of ethics as a competitive discriminator, how Boeing can remain a leader in the field and how everyone's conduct is vital to the overall success of the enterprise. Attendees also learned about the six IDS leadership principles (see box below), what the company is doing to operate within those principles and where improvements can be made.

"We are here not because our customers asked us, or because we have doubts about the integrity of the men and women of IDS, but because we know that we can be an even better company than we are today," Jim Albaugh, IDS president and CEO said in his address to all the event sites. "An organization firmly rooted in its values inspires confidence and can ensure sustainable growth over the long-term. An organization rooted in its values can do amazing things—the people in those organizations can do the impossible."

Because it mattersHere's a glance at the day from around IDS.

Boeing employees (from left) Jimmy Williams, Teresa Olson and Chuck Bailey share their thoughts during a Recommitment to Ethics Day event in Huntsville, Ala.

Living by principles

Those attending Integrated Defense Systems' third Recommitment to Ethics Day learned about the six IDS leadership principles. Here are those principles.

1. We are customer focused
2. We are performance driven
3. We are passionate about continuous learning
4. We are team players
5. We are ethical
6. We inspire people to reach their potential

Because it matters Because it matters
Because it matters

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