August 2005 
Volume 04, Issue 4 
Commercial Airplanes

An excellent summer trip


To all ends of the earth

The 777-200LR Worldliner’s world tour began in June and ends this month. Here’s a partial list of nations and cities it visited.

Australia: Sydney
Bermuda: Bermuda International Airport
Canada: Montreal
China: Beijing, Hong Kong
France: Paris
Iceland: Keflavik
India: Delhi, Mumbai
Mexico: Mexico City
New Zealand: Auckland
Oman: Muscat
Pakistan: Islamabad, Karachi
Qatar: Doha
Singapore: Singapore
Taiwan: Taipei
Thailand: Phuket
United Arab Emirates: Abu Dhabi, Dubai
United Kingdom: London
United States: New York (Newark), Seattle

From Paris to Phuket and Muscat to Mumbai, the 777-200LR is leaving a lasting impression upon all who see, visit and learn more about the newest addition to the 777 family.

The 777-200LR Worldliner is the world’s longest-range commercial airplane and can connect virtually any two cities in the world. Currently in the final stages of its 24-city, five-continent world tour, the 777-200LR has hosted visits from numerous airline executives and staff members, government officials, and media representatives.

Across countries and cultures, the 777-200LR is creating an impression shared by all who visit it: new capabilities, comfort and opportunities for airlines and their passengers.

The current Worldliner tour is part of the 777-200LR flight-testing program. Once testing is completed, the first 777-200LR plane will be delivered to Pakistan International
Airlines, its launch customer.

Here’s a look at some of the encounters the airplane had during its world tour.

Cheung Tez Lok and Poon So Ting take in the awesome size of the 77-200LR engines. Worldiner in Beijing
Alan Mulally checks out a display aboard the Worldliner.
An up-close showing for a special customer

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) will be the first customer to fly the longest-range commercial airliner in the world when the carrier takes delivery of the first airplane in early 2006.

Airline executives, pilots and staff received a first look at the Worldliner when the aircraft and its crew visited Pakistan recently during its world tour. Flying into Karachi, Pakistan, the Boeing team provided PIA executives with extensive capability briefings as well as tours of the plane and its signature interior. A highlight of the Worldliner tour was a demonstration flight for PIA executives and pilots; it traveled over the Himalayas, providing a spectacular backdrop for the new 777-200LR Worldliner.

Lee Monson escorting Pakistan International Airlines CEO Tariq Kirmani
Himalayan backdrop during a demonstration flight

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