December 2005/January 2006 
Volume 04, Issue 8 
Letters to the Editor

An all-inclusive memorial?

I've been interested in the Veterans Memorial in St. Louis since I first of learned it was being built. I'm not a veteran, but I am the daughter of a World War II veteran. I have spent my 22-year career at McDonnell Douglas and Boeing working alongside many veterans, and I have the utmost respect for what they have done for the United States.

I was really pleased to learn that we were doing something to honor them, along with our retirees who were also veterans. I was hoping that your article in the November 2005 issue would allow our retirees an opportunity to get their names included on the memorial. Perhaps there could have been a copy of the permission form [to request listing a name on the memorial] and an address to send it to, or maybe a World Wide Web site address where they could download the form and get the mailing address.

When the St. Louis retirees receive their November copy of Boeing Frontiers in the mail, they'll find they can't access the site listed in the story because it's on the Boeing Web. I was wondering if it might be possible to include the application form—or some other means of getting the form to the St. Louis retirees—in the next edition of the magazine. It would be wonderful if the memorial could be all-inclusive and reach all the veterans we want to honor.

—Lynn Duncan, St. Louis

Editor's note: For additional information about the memorial—and to download an application form—visit on the World Wide Web.

Where were those F-15Ks?

In your November issue, you show an incredible photo [LINK TO] of two Boeing F-15K strike fighters flying over the Pacific Ocean. I'd like to know where they are and what island they're flying over. It looks like the islands' only use is as an airstrip.

—Lana Grant, Tukwila, Wash.

Editor's note: The aircraft are over Wake Island, which is in the Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and Guam.

Are we ready for Peak Oil?

The term "Peak Oil" refers to the Hubbert Peak of world oil extraction. At that point, steadily rising demand will meet irreversibly shrinking supply.

While experts are uncertain as to its exact timing—some think we may already be at Peak, or close to it—a few things are certain:

• The Peak will occur, sooner or later.

• With no more surplus production capacity, fossil fuel prices will begin to rise irreversibly.

• These price increases likely will be steep and painful.

• When the price is high enough, cost-effective alternatives will begin to appear.

Because aircraft engines have far fewer fuel alternatives than land- or ocean-going vessels, the planes we build today will still be burning fossil fuels 20 years from now. But who will be able to afford to fly at post-Peak prices?

—Brian K. Gauger, Everett, Wash.

Heartfelt thanks

Regarding Boeing's support of a program to provide assistive devices to Vietnamese people with disabilities (November 2005):

My wife wept as she read the copy of Boeing Frontiers I brought home from work. She is Vietnamese, and her family still lives in Ho Chi Minh City. We will be visiting there over Christmas and she will read this article to her family. She is so proud of my job and my company.

Thank you for providing people with the gift of a new life.

—Edwin N. Jones, Everett, Wash.

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