December 2005/January 2006 
Volume 04, Issue 8 
Main Feature

Jamie RosenYour turn for the better

Boeing employee Jamie Rosen realizes that the capabilities and analytical tools she used in Finance are similar to the ones she currently uses in Marketing. New college hire Rich Bradford takes advantage of an opportunity to learn about Boeing and prepare for roles with more responsibility in a shorter period of time. And Marie Valenta, who felt her strength was in being a "big-picture visionary," tackles the detail-heavy task of managing a companywide project that conducted 88 training sessions at 17 sites.


As the job turns ...

Rotational opportunities abound throughout Boeing. Below is a sample of the many job-rotation programs already established.


Brian ArentRotational program introduces new hire to his field of dreams

After earning his mechanical engineering degree from Florida State University, Brian Arent landed the job of his dreams at Boeing.

Arent joined Integrated Defense Systems in late 2004 and is part of the new IDS Puget Sound two-year Engineering Rotation Program. The goal of the program is to develop college graduates and expose them to a broad variety of "real world" engineering challenges. In addition to multiple job assignments, the program includes a mentor and encourages participants to take additional training and classes.


Training ground

Training groundThink of their jobs as "Training Times Two." They are experts who, during the course of job rotation assignments, train and coach managers throughout Integrated Defense Systems to run more successful programs.

And in doing so, they are being trained themselves to rejoin their business units, where they'll help implement the lessons and best practices they learned during those rotational assignments.



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