December 2005/January 2006 
Volume 04, Issue 8 
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As the job turns ...

Rotational opportunities abound throughout Boeing. Here is a sampling of the many job-rotation programs already established.

New college hire programs:

  • Business Career Foundation Program. The BCFP is designed to select and develop highly qualified, multiskilled, potential leadership candidates with opportunities for challenging business careers within Boeing. Sponsored by Boeing Chief Financial Officer James Bell, BCFP currently has approximately 70 employees rotating through a variety of positions in Southern California, the Pacific Northwest, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Wichita, Kan., and Mesa, Ariz. Boeing selects top candidates from universities across the United States for this two-year program. Participants rotate every four months into a new discipline, including accounting, contracts, estimating/pricing, and more. For more information, visit (internal link only) on the Boeing Web.
  • Business Skills Rotational Program. The Integrated Defense Systems Finance Business Skills Rotation Program targets all level 1 and 2 new college hires coming into an IDS Finance position. Participants rotate among three different finance skills during their first three years as a Boeing employee. BSRP's mission is to foster a culture that establishes a partnership between employees and management. Working together, they will identify and provide the tools, knowledge and opportunities to enhance current job responsibilities and career development. For more information, visit (internal link only) on the Boeing Web.

Midcareer programs:

Information technology programs:

  • Information Technology Rotation Program Initiative. Launched in late November, this companywide initiative features several new or expanded rotation programs that extend rotation opportunities to Boeing IT employees and managers. The program includes separate offerings for college hires, all Boeing IT employees levels one through six, and non-executive Boeing IT managers (levels K, L and M). For more information, visit (internal link only) on the Boeing Web.

Do it yourself!

Employees may take the initiative also to rotate positions on their own. Consider creating a development plan for yourself based on your long-term goals and interests. Discuss your goals with your manager at your next Performance Development Partnership discussion, and then use the Boeing Enterprise Staffing System to apply for positions that will help get you there.

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