December 2005/January 2006 
Volume 04, Issue 8 
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Challenge is a semiannual editorial supplement of Boeing Frontiers magazine that focuses on engineering and technology and is distributed to all Boeing employees.

On the Cover: Amy Leonard, who works on Future Combat Systems in Houston, Texas, personifies the energy and enthusiasm of Boeing's engineering and technical work force. She is one of the Faces of Technology across the enterprise. (Photo by Bob Ferguson)

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A message from Boeing Chief Technology Officer Jim Jamieson

Field of dreams
One enterprising Boeing group is looking for and developing the best engineering candidates it can find. Long Beach, Calif.-based Engineering Enterprise Solutions is setting the stage for a strong Boeing future by recruiting students and graduates who will play a key role in Boeing’s workforce.

Out-of-this-world engineering
Explore Space and Intelligence Systems and find out why it is one of the hottest places to be for ambitious Boeing engineers.

The Faces of Technology
Behind many great aerospace achievements over the past 90 years there are teams of Boeing engineers and technologists, says Jim Jamieson, Boeing senior vice president and chief technology officer.

Blowing into the 21st century
Philadelphia’s wind tunnel: the goal was to make it one of the best wind tunnels in the world. Today, its everything those planners dreamed of.

Ssshhh, we're flying a plane around here
Equipped with a modified engine and placed with microphones and other sound-measuring equipment, the Quit Technology Demonstrator Two aircraft is the focus of a remarkable research and development program to reduce cabin and community noise.

Looking at things differently
Tomorrow’s engineers will be freed from competing processes, systems and tools and will be able to design 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world.

Boeing is quietly developing the autonomous and intelligent technologies that promise to bring the robots of science fiction to life.

Technology pollination
When the Boeing 777 entered service in 1995, it dramatically advanced the state of the art by being the first airplane ever to be 100 percent digitally designed in three dimensions using computers. That technology as well as others are now being integrated into some military products.

An officer and a gentleman
Former U.S. Air Force Major General Dick Paul has developed some efficient weaponry to fight for Boeing’s future. See how this Boeing leader is using old-school diplomacy to help Boeing win now-world technology business.

Industry recognition
These employees are continuing to build Boeing’s technical reputation inside and outside the company by receiving new awards from their industry peers.

Portrait: The Laser and Electro-Optical Systems Modeling and Simulation Team

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Copy editor: Walter Polt
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