December 2005/January 2006 
Volume 04, Issue 8 
Special Features

The Faces of Technology


Behind many great aerospace achievements over the past 90 years, there are teams of Boeing engineers and technologists, says Jim Jamieson, Boeing senior vice president and chief technology officer.

"Through their innovation, dedication and enthusiasm, our engineers have brought affordable airplane travel to ordinary people, helped bring World War II to a successful close and landed men on the Moon," he says.

"And they continue to surprise us today with technologies, products and services that just a few years ago were not thought possible—military aircraft that fly without pilots, new more-comfortable and highly efficient commercial airplanes, and broadband Internet service in the sky for business and pleasure."

Boeing employees, he says, are more diverse, better educated, and more skilled than ever before, and what they will accomplish together in the 21st century will be truly amazing. Meet some of those engineers and technologists over the next few pages.

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