February 2005 
Volume 03, Issue 9 
New and Notable

$1,301,087 - Tremendous community support

Generosity of Boeing employees evident in tsunami relief efforts

An Indonesian woman drinks clean, treated waterBoeing employees and retirees around the world responded quickly and generously to December's devastating undersea earthquake and resulting tsunami that has claimed more than 150,000 lives in Southeast Asia-a natural disaster that observers say will require the largest relief effort ever mobilized.

At press time, Boeing employees and retirees had donated nearly $1,301,087 to CARE, Mercy Corps and the American Red Cross via the Employees Community Fund. The company will be matching these contributions until Feb. 28-dollar for dollar for employees and 50 cents on the dollar for retired employees who are under The Boeing Company Employee Retirement Plan.

Employees and retirees can contribute by personal check. Employees can also use credit cards (non-U.S. employees are encouraged to make credit card donations to avoid exchange rate problems). Additional information is available on the Boeing Web at http://community.web.boeing.com/ecf_news_010405.cfm. Donations made directly to a nonprofit other than ECF will not be eligible for gift matching; only donations to ECF will be matched.

In addition to matching employee and eligible retiree contributions via ECF, Boeing has committed a total of $1 million to CARE, Mercy Corps and the American Red Cross. Company representatives are working with each organization to determine where and how Boeing dollars are spent.

Carol Cella, global liaison, Boeing Community and Education Relations, said the three organizations were chosen in consultation with representatives from ECF boards and committees throughout the company.

Boeing and ECF "carefully deliberated the selection of nonprofits for this relief effort and mutually agreed on the three choices offered to employees," Cella said. "All are on the ground and active in the disaster areas, and all three are notably efficient in delivering assistance." Boeing remains in close contact with the three organizations, receiving updates on the progress of relief efforts. A summary of their activities follows, along with each organization's Web site address for more information.

CARE is on the ground in the most affected zones, including India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Somalia and Thailand, and responding to people in need as rapidly as possible. CARE joins with the governments of the stricken countries to reach those in need in the most efficient and effective manner possible. CARE has established a multi-country Earthquake and Tsunami Relief and Rehabilitation Fund. These resources allow the flexible funding needed to ensure that crisis-affected communities not only survive the immediate crisis but can rebuild their lives and livelihoods in its aftermath. (See www.care.org)

Mercy Corps was on the scene in Banda Aceh, Indonesia, within 24 hours of the earthquake; the emergency response team there is playing a major role. Items being distributed include water purification tablets, plastic sheeting for temporary shelter, cooking supplies, hygiene and sanitation supplies, blankets and clothing. To date, more than $2.1 million has been spent on emergency items for tsunami survivors, with more relief on the way. (See www.mercycorps.org)

A number of American Red Cross workers are currently in the affected countries, using expertise to support relief efforts including distribution of relief supplies, logistics, tracing and family reunification, and psychosocial services. American Red Cross staff has begun training local relief workers in the Maldives in psychosocial support services-similar to the mental health services provided by the American Red Cross in response to disasters in the United States. American Red Cross leadership will continue to work with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, its sister societies, and other international partners on this expansive international relief effort. (See www.redcross.org)


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