February 2005 
Volume 03, Issue 9 
Main Feature

A Big DebutA big debut

Boeing employees, customers and other spectators stood and cheered the powerful, new 23-story Delta IV Heavy rocket when it lifted off Dec. 21 in a spectacular display.

The reaction was one of awe as this massive, 232-foot variant of the Delta IV family rumbled off the launch pad from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Fla. It was a feat particularly appreciated by those who know their space history and recognized the technical challenges that had to be met for liftoff to occur.

Boeing's impressive demonstration mission was full of successes, with its three Rocketdyne RS-68 engines firing right on the money.


Great shot!

Great shot!Carleton Bailie, who's been documenting Delta and Space Shuttle launches for Boeing since 1989, handles the task of photographing launches for the Delta program, including the Delta IV Heavy launch in December.

Photographing the liftoff of a spacecraft presents unique challenges and opportunities. Years of experience, technical know-how and sometimes luck can result in spectacular images. Thanks to Bailie's skills, Boeing employees, as well as people worldwide, are able to appreciate the majestic, breathtaking sight of a rocket at liftoff.

Here, Bailie, who shoots for Boeing on contract, explains how he does his job and what his role is in the Delta program.




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