March 2005 
Volume 03, Issue 10 
Commercial Airplanes

Their Information AGE

Jeppesen system gives airlines the right data


Their Information AGEImagine having the responsibility for planning and executing a safe, efficient airline flight from New York to Paris. You probably saw yourself sitting in the flight deck of an airplane. But, you also could be on the ground working as a dispatcher in a sophisticated airline operations control center.

Typically, dispatchers and captains share responsibility for a flight, which means they need a comprehensive, overall view of the operation so they can plan, coordinate and act, especially if there's unexpected bad weather or traffic delays.

This is where Boeing-subsidiary Jeppesen's OPSControl system comes into play. OPSControl helps airlines worldwide by delivering information from several sources in a clear, concise view—when and where it is needed most. Building on years of experience and success with OPSControl, Jeppesen's future strategy for airline ground operations will focus on further integration and a concept known as the Integrated Airline Operations Center.


The IAOC concept builds on OPSControl by integrating additional information sources and presenting the result in a clear, logical view.

"Operations personnel and flight crews need the ability to make decisions and course corrections within the context of their own on-the-spot needs," said Mark Van Tine, Jeppesen's president and chief operating officer. "We are working to provide systems that offer a comprehensive 360-degree view of the operation from a single access point."

An Academy of training

Through its Jeppesen Academy, Jeppesen now offers Operations Control training, pilot training, and Jeppesen product training to individual students and corporate, airline and military operators around the world.

Included in the wide suite of training programs is a Dispatcher Certificate course. Participants can earn a Dispatchers License issued by either the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration or by several other national aviation administrations worldwide. Also included in the Jeppesen Academy training programs is a ground school for the Airline Transport Pilot License, experienced pilot and dispatcher courses, recurrent training, and international aviation certificate conversion courses.

For more details on Operations Control, Pilot Soft-Skills, and Product Training programs, including Boeing employee access, visit
, call (303) 328-4423 or e-mail

Jeppesen already has a big advantage: the ability to tap into the knowledge and expertise of Boeing and its fellow subsidiaries. Boeing, Jeppesen and several other Boeing subsidiaries are working hard on the e-enabled strategy of connecting and integrating people, airplanes, data, assets, information, suppliers, systems and software applications into a single business network. The goal: Help airlines improve efficiency, lower costs, increase airplane utilization and build traveler loyalty. IAOC will help bring the e-enabled environment to the airline operations center.

OPSControl will be a key component of the IAOC concept. Through OPSControl modules FliteManager, WXTool and EasyBrief, an airline can more effectively distribute and balance fleet management, tasking and flight planning, and spend more time briefing crews and monitoring flights. Jeppesen and fellow Boeing subsidiaries SBS International and Preston Aviation Solutions already have delivered a mini version of IAOC to a military customer.


IAOC takes stand-alone systems and e-enables them, integrating them into one highly automated system that increases effectiveness and communication, enhances safety and positional awareness, and cuts staffing needs, operational support costs and mission time.

"Many carriers are turning to a low-cost business model that minimizes ground time in order to keep airplanes flying and producing revenue," Van Tine said. "Access to exactly the right information presented in the right format at exactly the right time can mean the difference between a break-even—or worse—operation and an efficient, profitable one capable of long-term survival."




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