May 2005 
Volume 04, Issue 1 
New and Notable

A stunning 12 months

A stunning 12 monthsIt's been a wild 12 months for the 787 Dreamliner program at Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

The program, which late last month completed its first year since its April 2004 launch, has attracted unprecedented demand from airlines. Since its first order for 50 airplanes, placed by the Japanese carrier ANA (All Nippon Airways), customers had announced orders and commitments for 237 airplanes.


A healthy dose of reality

For the past several years, skyrocketing health care costs have been the norm across the United States—and a topic discussed often in the media and at Boeing. Here's a look at some of the myths that have surfaced about health care costs—along with the realities of the company's health care costs and benefits, and how Boeing is working to manage future cost increases.


Thanks for their help

Thanks for their helpBoeing honored 13 suppliers from four countries as 2004 Suppliers of the Year in recognition of their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. They received the award at a March 23 ceremony in Newport Beach, Calif.

The winners, selected from more than 10,000 suppliers in 70 countries, were chosen based on cost, quality, delivery and post-delivery support, as well as their ability to anticipate and respond to customer requirements.

"Strong win-win relationships with the best global suppliers are central to Boeing's strategies for business growth and product development. We take advantage of what they do best so we can focus on what we do best," said Rick Stephens, Boeing senior vice president of Internal Services, in his keynote address.


777/787 media summit spotlights twinjets' commonality

777/787 media summit spotlights twinjets' commonalityEighteen key journalists gathered in Bellevue, Wash., last month to learn more about the 787 Dreamliner's commonality with the Boeing 777 and the innovations the Dreamliner is introducing. Representatives from 787 program partners joined the event as well.

Commonality refers to the degree to which the two products have the same functionality and operational characteristics. These similarities can lead to reduced costs.

During the summit, participants received overviews of the 777 and 787 programs and insight on how airlines would benefit from operating a mixed fleet of 777s and 787s. The evolution of Boeing's experience with composite materials, which stretches over 40 years, also was highlighted.


Bon voyage, thanks to TRIPS

Employees using Boeing Travel's newest offering—international bookings via the online TRIPS system—are peppering agents with "merci," "danke" and similar praise.

"We appreciate their thanks, but the employees are the ones who deserve the honor," said Corrine Howells, TRIPS system manager. Howells said employees making international bookings on TRIPS are saving the company, on average, 25 percent compared to using traditional methods.

"With the price of international travel being substantially higher than for jaunts within the United States, the savings for Boeing is adding up," Howells said.




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