May 2005 
Volume 04, Issue 1 
New and Notable

777/787 media summit spotlights twinjets' commonality777/787 media summit spotlights twinjets' commonality

Eighteen key journalists gathered in Bellevue, Wash., last month to learn more about the 787 Dreamliner's commonality with the Boeing 777 and the innovations the Dreamliner is introducing. Representatives from 787 program partners joined the event as well.

Commonality refers to the degree to which the two products have the same functionality and operational characteristics. These similarities can lead to reduced costs.

During the summit, participants received overviews of the 777 and 787 programs and insight on how airlines would benefit from operating a mixed fleet of 777s and 787s. The evolution of Boeing's experience with composite materials, which stretches over 40 years, also was highlighted.

The event addressed the balance Boeing strives for in optimizing commonality while introducing new technologies.

During the summit, Boeing said the 787 design will offer a similar flying experience to the 777 for pilots and passengers, and that commonality also cuts maintenance costs.

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