May 2005 
Volume 04, Issue 1 
Main Feature

Back to work, back to training

Soloman ButtsSoloman Butts, a mechanic in Everett, Wash., was laid off from Boeing two years ago. But in March he began his first day back at Boeing after being recalled. His first task was to attend reemployment training conducted by the Learning, Training and Development (LTD) organization.

Reemployment training focuses on reacquainting recalled employees with Boeing policies and procedures and getting them up to speed on new tools and processes. The process includes a knowledge assessment on Engineering drawings and specifications administered by the Quality Through Training Program (QTTP), which is part of the International Association of Machinists/Boeing Joint Programs.

Additionally, LTD administers a "hands on" skills assessment to evaluate a returning employee's current skill levels. Based on those results, training courses are recommended to help employees improve and update their skills.

"Our job is to work on those areas where employees need to rebuild their knowledge and skills so we know they'll be successful when they reenter the factory," said Daryl Connite, LTD skill advisor at Everett.

Tom Hermann, LTD Business Relations manager for Commercial Airplanes, said that by working together on a streamlined approach, the organizations facilitated retraining for more than 1,000 mechanics in 2004.

"Working with QTTP, we've made it easier to identify skills gaps. And depending upon their time away and previous level of experience, employees only have to take the training necessary to help get them current," Hermann said.

"The retraining process works well because it eliminates retaking training that you already know," Butts said. "The class has helped me get caught up on processes which are now electronic, such as accessing drawings and timekeeping on the Web."


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