October 2005 
Volume 04, Issue 6 
In Memoriam

Lew Platt

Lew PlattLast month, Boeing lost one of its best friends and most important leaders—Lew Platt, our lead director and former chairman.

We are deeply saddened by Lew's untimely death, and we extend our deepest sympathy to his family.

Lew shepherded Boeing with strength, grace, dignity and integrity through a period when the company needed his steady hand most. He was a compassionate man who put his own retirement and personal plans on the back burner to ensure that Boeing never missed a beat through its recent recovery.

Everywhere that Boeing's employees, customers, suppliers and shareholders looked, Lew was there—fighting for a level playing field in international trade, listening to people's concerns, championing what's right. Always—always—he turned the conversation to how important the company's people are to its success. And we are all better for having served with him.

Lew will always be in our hearts. And we will miss him.

The Boeing Company offers condolences to the families and friends of the following employees, whose deaths recently have been reported to the company.

Robert Angelo, supply chain management; service date Aug. 25, 1986; died Aug. 18.

Maria Breard, materials requirements planner; service date Oct. 2, 1978; died Aug. 18.

George K. Brown, flight mechanic; service date July 10, 1965; died Aug. 25.

Alfredo Chavez, production coordinator; service date Sept. 12, 1974; died Aug. 15.

Rorijean Corbell, paralegal; service date Aug. 19, 1991; died Aug. 20.

William A. Cramer, engineer/scientist; service date June 24, 1974; died Aug. 1.

Patrick Davis, engineer/scientist; service date Oct. 19, 1986; died Aug. 5.

Kevin G. Dukes, flight crew; service date June 1, 2001; died Aug. 4.

Michael Gillespie, photographer; service date Sept. 7, 1976; died Aug. 5.

Dhun Kit Ho, engineer/scientist; service date Dec. 10, 2004; died Aug. 4.

Craig D. Keehn, mechanic; service date Feb. 21, 1979; died Aug. 1.

Carl Jirka, system designer; service date July 25, 1979; died Aug. 21.

Donald A. Larsen, warehouse operator; service date July 22, 1976; died Aug. 3.

Sheril G. Lewis, engineer/scientist; service date July 28, 1997; died Aug. 15.

David Neale, technical services specialist; service date June 18, 1985; died July 31.

Nolan Parker, accountant; service date Dec. 27, 1965; died Aug. 8.

Kristine Relvini, human factors design specialist; service date March 26, 1990; died Aug. 3.

Abel C. Sandoval, manufacturing scheduler; service date Dec. 11, 1985; died Aug. 9.

Jackie Schille, mechanic; service date Aug. 20, 1983; died Aug. 3.

Shirley Schutz, applications analyst; service date July 28, 1988; died Aug. 26.

Michael Scott, mechanic; service date March 9, 1996; died Aug. 2.

Rajive Sondhi, manager; service date Oct. 18, 1999; died Aug. 12.

Aphivath Souksombath, estimating/pricing specialist; service date June 5, 2001; died Aug. 14.

Donald Springer, embedded software engineer; service date Aug. 22, 1978; died Aug. 13.

George Strode, engineer/scientist; service date March 5, 1958; died Aug. 14.




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