September 2005 
Volume 04, Issue 5 

"The numbers spoke for themselves. They represented the accumulation of a lot of hard work. But it ain't over. They are not resting on their laurels."

—Howard Rubel, an aerospace analyst with the Jefferies Group, on Boeing's second-quarter financial results, in the July 28 Seattle Times

"[Radio frequency identification] is worth millions of dollars in cost avoidance for Boeing."

—Ken Porad, program manager for the Automated Identification Program at Boeing Commercial Airplanes, on the benefits of using radio frequency identification tags and systems in operations such as managing inventory and supporting airplane maintenance, in the Aug. 9 Business Week Online

"I hope my children remember they came here to see the Discovery astronauts. At the same time, I hope it gets them interested in space and engineering in general."

—Byron Oh, a Boeing engineer in Houston who with his family attended an Aug. 10 ceremony welcoming the Space Shuttle Discovery crew back to that city, in the Aug. 11 Houston Chronicle

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