August 2006 
Volume 05, Issue 4 
Commercial Airplanes

Go for the greenGo for the green

Boeing continues to design and improve its products to mitigate environmental impact. These improvements can be called “green” not only because they’re better for the environment, but also because they help the company's financial bottom line.



Engine of valueEngine of value

A number of Propulsion Systems Division employees are preparing to move “shipside” to airplane final assembly lines. That will make the people of the Propulsion Systems Division—who as a value stream assume ownership of everything engine-related—fully integrated with their most immediate customer: Final Assembly.



A tail to tellA tail to tell

Employees who assemble the empennage of 737 airplanes in Renton, Wash., recently completed the first phase of a Lean transformation. The goal: to build the vertical fins and horizontal stabilizers for the 737’s empennage, or tail section, on continuously moving assembly lines.


Let’s work togetherLet’s work together

Designing the 787 Dreamliner requires real-time coordination between engineers in the United States and in other nations. Thanks to sophisticated technology, the program’s approach to the development of the airplane has been as revolutionary as the jetliner itself.



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