December 2006/January 2007
Volume 05, Issue 8
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A hot place to visit

To prepare for ongoing deployment in Afghanistan, the British Army recently sent six AH Mk1 Apaches and crews to the Barry M. Goldwater Range in Arizona. It’s an example of how Boeing continues to support the British Apache program.


A hot place to visit Bob Ferguson photo

A high-power journey

In a series of intricate, well-orchestrated moves, astronauts at the International Space Station, along with Boeing engineers and NASA mission controllers, will switch the station from a temporary power configuration to a permanent one.


A high-power journeyNASA PHOTO

Diversity in design

Boeing is offering two alternatives for assessment of future rotorcraft needs to support the U.S. Army’s Joint Heavy Lift program: the Quad TiltRotor, being developed by a Boeing/Bell Helicopter team, and the Advanced Tandem Rotor Helicopter.


Diversity in design BOEING GRAPHIC

Uniting the forces

As a pacesetter in U.S. Air Force Distributed Mission Operations training initiatives, Boeing is applying its knowledge to programs for U.S. coalition teammates. Training trials recently began on a similar U.K. Ministry of Defence training program.


Uniting the forces Bob Ferguson photo

Keep the fuel flowing

The Support Systems business of Integrated Defense Systems plays a critical role in keeping tanker aircraft flying and relevant. The work of the employees in this unit is reflected in recent milestones on the KC-135, KC-10 and KC-767 programs.


Keep the fuel flowing Ron Bookout photo

‘We’ll have the data’

If you’re a potential customer for network-centric warfare capabilities, which ones do you choose? And which ones give you the most bang for your buck? Boeing will help the U.S. Air Force answer those questions.


‘We’ll have the data’ Boe ing photo

Spelling success with ‘EI’

Employee Involvement has helped the Boeing facility in San Antonio dramatically improve performance. Through EI, teams of employees, who know their processes best, suggest and implement changes that directly benefit their work flow.


Spelling success with ‘EI’ Ron Bookout photo

No search, all rescue

Boeing recently delivered the 10,000th Combat Survivor Evader Locator radio to the U.S. Air Force. The CSEL radio is a sophisticated combat search-and-rescue communications system developed by Boeing employees in Anaheim, Calif.


No search, all rescue Michael gail photo

Building the future today

The programs in IDS’ Network and Space Systems business are “game changers” for just about everyone: the warfighter, the astronaut, the intelligence community, the average citizen—and Boeing employees. Here’s a look at what markets the business is in and why it’s poised to succeed.


Building the future today Bob ferguson photo

Serving up Raptor wings, Seattle style

The F-22 Assembly Center in Seattle will celebrate a major milestone in December when it delivers the 100th set of F-22 Raptor wings. Here’s a look at how the team performs its work.


Serving up Raptor wings, Seattle style Marian Lockhart photo