December 2006/January 2007
Volume 05, Issue 8
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A message from John Tracy, senior vice president, Engineering, Operations & Technology

When the rubber meets the ramp
Flight test teams shake out the performance of Boeing aircraft to make sure the vehicles operate perfectly under any conditions.

Getting it right at the beginning
How can Boeing avoid problems in the development of crucial programs that will one day be the lifeblood of the company? Today’s focus on development process excellence provides an answer.

Northern exposure
Alaska’s winter cold presents special challenges for Boeing employees working on America’s front line in missile defense.

New step in R&D
As part of its long-term growth and productivity initiatives, Boeing has recently formalized a strategic process to maximize the yield of its enterprise R&D investments and ensure they are properly balanced to meet the company’s near- and long-term needs.

Through a looking glass clearly
A policy of transparency and openness at Boeing Operations is leading to speedy problem-solving, greater efficiency—and millions of dollars worth of savings.

Promises kept
Across Boeing, engineers, technologists and manufacturing people are helping the company to meet its commitments to customers. Here’s a look at a few of these teammates.

Terra firma testing
It’s a 75-ton “airplane” that never leaves the ground. But the new systems Integrated Test Vehicle will help the 787 to become airborne.

Standards pay
Boeing is becoming more nimble, global and efficient through the deployment of standard processes and systems.

The first … and the best
Wong Tsu, a native of China, was Boeing’s first engineer. He helped put the company on a sound footing.

Commercial Airplanes and Phantom Works engineers are developing a technology for smooth—and tailored—airplane landings at congested airports that promises considerable cost savings for airlines.

Industry recognition
These employees are continuing to build Boeing’s technical reputation inside and outside the company by receiving new awards from their industry peers.

The Phantom Works’ Automated Aerial Refueling Program team

Challenge magazine, focusing on engineering, operations and technology, is published twice a year for all Boeing employees.

On the cover: Extreme weather conditions present special challenges for employees at Fort Greely, Alaska, where the team—including Jon Brumbach, Interceptor Production Operations site manager—recently placed missiles for the U.S. Missile Defense Agency’s Ground-based Midcourse Defense program into silos. Photo by Bob Ferguson

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