June 2006 
Volume 05, Issue 2  
Cover Story

SSG's new headquarters a model of office flexibility

SSG's new headquarters a model of office flexibilityThe new headquarters for the Boeing Shared Services Group builds in the workplace flexibility future workers will demand, while integrating Lean concepts. The relocation to the Triton Towers 3 building in Renton, Wash., occurred this spring. Key to the novel space design: furniture on rollers and reconfigurable spaces that let teams rearrange themselves around the changing needs of their work. Shared offices, shared desks and more meeting spaces add to the built-in flexibility. 

Here's what two employees in Triton Towers had to say about the site.

"I can bring my laptop and just plug in as if I had a dedicated office," said Rupali Shankar, Business Operations specialist for the Shared Services Group. "There are shared network printers, phones and everything I need. The convenience makes me more productive. It allows me to take control of my work. It's in my hands now. I am able to set up meetings wherever I am. I have so many options for workspaces. This environment adds an exciting and new perspective to my daily work."

"If I'm a few minutes early to a meeting or between meetings, I can just touch down and fill in the time with productive work," said Carie Burkey, SSG Human Resources staff analyst. "Also, I like that the building has many different options for collaboration—open meeting areas, small privacy rooms, workrooms and conference rooms. I don't have to tie up a large conference room for a small meeting."


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