November 2006
Volume 05, Issue 7
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At the center of the action

At the Johnson Space Center in Houston you'll find the Mission Evaluation Room. During Space Shuttle missions, Boeing engineers are ready around the clock to provide advice to NASA leaders.


At the center of the action NASA PHOTO

Aircraft know-how

If you're at the Boeing site in San Antonio, you might meet John Fulenwider, who's known among his teammates as being extremely knowledgeable about the C-130 aircraft. His know-how makes him a go-to person on the C-130 Avionics Modernization Program, in which Boeing is upgrading more than 400 of these aircraft.


Aircraft know-how rOn BOOKOuT PHOTO

They've got the power

As the world's largest manufacturer of space solar cells, Spectrolab, a Boeing subsidiary, plays a central role in Boeing Space & Intelligence Systems' mission success. Virtually every spacecraft built by S&IS carries Spectrolab solar cells that convert sunlight into power, as do satellites built by other manufacturers.


They've got the power PHOTO COurTESY OF SOLFOCuS

Flying on—and off—the job

John Housley is a Boeing engineer who flies aerobatic and racing planes in his spare time. He uses what he knows about propulsion systems to help his planes perform well in competitions—and at work.


Flying on—and off—the job KyLE WELKE PHOTO