August 2007
Volume 06, Issue 04
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One for all

All around the company, Boeing employees are working together to create the greatest value for customers and the strongest future for the company and its stakeholders, including themselves. Here’s a look at some of the areas where integration across the company is helping Boeing compete in today’s fast-paced marketplace.


One for all Bob Ferguson, Keith Wood and Cal Romaneschi photo
Visiting heroesPhoto courtesy of the American Red Cross

Main feature

Visiting heroes

A Boeing team recently toured areas of the United States affected by Hurricane Katrina in 2005 to see how support from Boeing and its employees and retirees has been helping people. The team gained a renewed appreciation for the efforts people put into helping others.


Commercial Airplanes

In touch with your Dreamliner

At last month's 787 Dreamliner Premiere, Boeing rolled out its newest jetliner to a worldwide audience. Also in this month's coverage: What the Boeing Skin & Spar facility in Frederickson, Wash., is doing to support Boeing programs, and what Lean+ tools the Material Management organization of Commercial Airplanes has adopted to meet aggressive customer-service goals.


In touch with your DreamlinerTIM STAKE photo
From ideas to realityEric Hehs/Lockhed Martin Photo

Integrated Defense Systems

From ideas to reality

Assembly technicians on the F-22 Raptor line came forward with ideas on how to streamline production and improve safety on the floor. Also in this month's coverage: An explanation of Performance-Based Logistics, and a look at how the Airborne Early Warning & Control team is tackling the challenges of integrating its product line, working together with teammates across the globe, and understanding cultural differences.