December 2007/January 2008
Volume 06, Issue 08
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Safety first

Meet Marlene Nelson, BCA's director of Aviation Safety. Her responsibilities include leading all BCA product safety–related activities, including accident investigations, continued airworthiness efforts for in-service airplanes, and Boeing’s participation in industry global safety programs.



Safety first Curt Chenoweth photo

A different sort of red-eye 'flight'

The 787 program is using the 787 engineering cab to test new systems software loads for performance before they are loaded onto a real airplane. As Boeing works diligently to get the new airplane ready for its first flight, you'll find teams using the cab at all hours of the day—and night.


A different sort of red-eye 'flight' Jeff Hawk photo

This 'baby' is doing OK

When the Boeing 737 was unveiled in 1965, people referred to it as “the baby Boeing.” Today, 40 years after its first delivery, the airplane has become the world’s most popular commercial jet transport.


This 'baby' is doing OK Boeing Archives photos

Quality time

BCA is using Product and Process Surveillance, a new approach to quality, to reduce nonconformances—the term for deviations in a product from requirements or standards—and simultaneously get leaner.


Quality time Marian Lockhart photo

Start me up

As another example of what Boeing does to help its customers position themselves for long-term success, StartupBoeing—a BCA service for fledgling airlines made up of a Web site and people who specialize in working with such carriers—played a big part in the recent launch of United Kingdom International Airlines.


Start me up Eryl Crump photo

Delivering on promises

Commercial Airplanes is about to record its third straight year of 1,000-plus orders. Now comes the task of fulfilling the promises. Scott Carson, BCA president and CEO, discusses topics such as the business unit’s record demand, its challenges and its need to strengthen relationships with employees and customers.


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