December 2007/January 2008
Volume 06, Issue 08
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A message from John Tracy, senior vice president, Engineering, Operations & Technology

Ergonomics: a friend to the 787
Ergonomics is now an integral part of airplane design. The 787 program is taking progressive steps to integrate ergonomics into the design and the build process of the new Dreamliner.

John Hinshaw: Transforming IT
Meet Boeing’s chief information officer and vice president of Information Technology. He's so taken with boosting Boeing’s productivity that he’s engaging employees across the enterprise to transform the IT environment.

Opportunity knocks
Boeing engineering leaders are today reaping the benefits of a simple yet powerful process that identifies and leverages opportunities on development programs.

Progressive evolution
The evolving Development Process Excellence initiative is shifting focus to better serve Boeing’s growth and productivity goals.

Delivering results
Boeing’s success depends on employees contributing directly to the bottom line. Across the company, they are adding value by producing results. Here’s a look at some of EO&T’s many teammates who are making contributions.

Engineering brain drain?
As the aerospace business picks up, a shortage of engineers throughout the industry is looming. Boeing is encouraging more segments of the population to enter technical disciplines and urging those people to enter aerospace engineering.

Getting it down PAT
Need advice on a process improvement or tool standardization? Process Action Teams are everywhere at Boeing and able to provide a ready solution.

X-plane X-citement
The Boeing X-48B Blended Wing Body demonstrator pushes the boundary of transport design.

A culture of inclusion
A diverse work force contributes to improved business performance through openness, inclusiveness and leadership.

Industry recognition
These employees are continuing to build Boeing’s technical reputation inside and outside the company by receiving new awards from their industry peers.

Portrait: Systems Design and Manufacturing Demonstration Wing Team

Challenge magazine, focusing on engineering, operations and technology, is published twice a year for all Boeing employees.

On the cover: Ergonomics is being designed into the 787. Rich Gardner and Wade Wheeler are shown using 3-D technology in the Immersive Engineering Space in Everett, Wash. Photo by Bob Ferguson

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