July 2007
Volume 06, Issue 03
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Keep the chain intact

Boeing Space and Intelligence Systems is using Critical Chain Project Management, a progressive approach to managing projects. That approach is having a measurable impact at the S&IS satellite manufacturing facility in El Segundo, Calif.


Keep the chain intact sallY aRistei photo

Know where to go

Teams across Boeing are using the Collaborative Environment, a portal on the Boeing intranet, to boost productivity through the sharing of knowledge among Boeing employees.


Know where to go BoB FeRguson photo

Working together matters here

At the Electronic Systems Integration Labs, Boeing’s Global Strike Systems organization ensures that Boeing weapons systems are fully integrated. But there’s more to this task than connecting boxes.


Working together matters here Ron BooKout photo

A special assignment

When Steve Monson said yes to an assignment to help win and manage a new demonstrator program in the United Kingdom, he had no idea how it would affect him both professionally and personally.


A special assignment photo couRtesY oF steve Monson

Information superiority

With the Wideband Global SATCOM satellite system, the Boeing Space and Intelligence Systems team has created a breakthrough in satellite communications (SATCOM) for the U.S. Department of Defense and other U.S. government agencies. WGS represents a quantum leap in capacity: One WGS satellite provides the capacity of 10 satellites it will replace.


Information superiority DaviD MooRe photo

One last hurrah for a unique aircraft

The Airborne Surveillance Testbed was a unique, specially modified Boeing 767 that was a key element of the U.S. Department of Defense’s Strategic Defense Initiative. The aircraft was retired in 2003 and recently was dismantled. Yet it generated knowledge that’s still used by Boeing programs.


One last hurrah for a unique aircraft BOEING PHOTO