July 2007
Volume 06, Issue 03
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A message from John Tracy, senior vice president, Engineering, Operations & Technology

Calculating the future
Phantom Works employees in the Mathematics and Computing Technology organization are helping to come up with amazing technologies designed to carry Boeing into the future.

Mary Armstrong: Energized for the environment
Meet the new head of Boeing Environment, Health and Safety organization, who’s tapping into employee enthusiasm to help her build an effective organization and a new strategy.

Into the wild green yonder
Boeing’s super-clean fuel-cell aircraft will create history this year with aviation’s first zero-emissions flight.

Boeing technicians often have to weather extremes. They are blown about on carrier decks, risk their lives in explosive war zones, and work in blistering desert heat or freezing arctic cold. But they wouldn’t trade it for anything.

BOLTing for the best
The Boeing Operations Leadership Team is a key part of ensuring functional excellence throughout the enterprise.

Where there’s a will…
Proving that there’s always a way if you have energy and persistence, Boeing employees are serving as an inspiration to others by getting the job done through teamwork. Here’s a look at some of EO&T’s many teammates.

The Future Combat Systems team hits the ground running.

Nice—but how necessary?
A team created under the Development Process Excellence growth and productivity initiative is touring Boeing to evaluate how well its lab and test facilities are being leveraged.

How trusting employees and applying environmental innovation resulted in a better workplace.

Going shopping, Boeing style
The increasingly competitive aerospace industry is changing the way procurement professionals are supporting their programs and leveraging Boeing buying power. Also in this package of stories: A look at how supplier management is an enterprisewide effort at Boeing.

Portrait: FCS System of Systems Integration Laboratory team

Challenge magazine, focusing on engineering, operations and technology, is published twice a year for all Boeing employees.

On the cover: Glenn Malcolm and Shirley Allen, manufacturing employees on the 737 moving line, collaborate in a 737 flight deck to ensure quality assembly. Photo by Bob Ferguson

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